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John French, Dr. of Physick, London. (circa 1616-1657)
was an English physician who also served as an army doctor. “The Art of Distillation” is thought to be representative of the English chemistry of this period. John French was follower of Paracelsus’ school of alchemy/chemistry, which was skeptical of certain alchemical traditions yet dedicated to seeking medical uses for various chemicals and compounds. Note references to Paracelsus in this work.

Titles in R.A.M.S. Digital Library Collection:

"The Art of Distillation" By John French. London, November 25, 1650. [6 Books]. 181 pages. (ARTDISTILLATION: .doc, .pdf) E. More Info.

Other works:

"The York-shire spaw, or a treatise of foure famous medicinal wells viz. the spaw, or vitrioline well; the stinking, or sulphur-well; the dropping, or petrifying-well; and S. Mugnus-well, near Knare borow in York-Shire. Together with the causes, vertues, and use thereof." For farther information read the contents. Composed by J. French, Dr. of Physick., London : printed for Richard Lambert bookseller, at the Minster-Gate in York, 1654.

Further Notes:

John French is attributed as the translator for the Latin Michal Sedziwój, "A new light of alchymie" into English, (London : Printed by Richard Cotes, for Thomas Williams, at the Bible in Little-Britain, 1650); the German Johann Rudolf Glauber, "A description of new philosophical furnaces," into English (London : Printed by Richard Coats, for Tho: Williams, at the signe of the Bible in Little-Britain, 1651); and the Latin Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim, "Three books of occult philosophy", into English (London : Printed by R.W. for Gregory Moule, and are to be sold at the sign of the three Bibles neer the west-end of Pauls, 1651).


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