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Welcome to RAMS Digital, now in it's 13th year

6 March 2019. TOC available for FOUR BOOKS of J.S. Weidenfeld concerning the SECRETS of the ADEPTS.

FOUR BOOKS of Johannes Segerus Weidenfeld, Concerning the SECRETS of the ADEPTS; Or, Of the Use of Lully’s Spirit of Wine: A PRACTICAL WORK. With very great Study Collected out of the Ancient as well as Modern FATHERS of ADEPT PHILOSOPHY, Reconciled together, BY Comparing them one with another, otherwise disagreeing, and in the newest Method so aptly digested, that even young Practitioners may be able to discern the Counterfeit or Sophistical Preparations of Animals, Vegetables and Minerals, whether for Medicines or Metals, from True; and so, avoid Vagabond Impostors, and Imaginary Processes, together with the Ruin of Estates. London, Printed by Will. Bonny, for Tho. Howkins In George-Yard in Lombard-Street, MDCLXXXV (1685).

A newly transcribed Table of Contents page is available. The manuscript is still being transcribed, and will be a while until it is finished, but the Contents are complete. This shall enable readers to view the contents to get an insight of the text before the entire transciption is available.

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