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"A Treatise of The Three Principles of Metals" including "Of The Mercury of Philosophers" and, "Of The Salt of Philosophers" from the Complete Works of Rudolph Glauber. Translated by Chris Packe. R.A.M.S. 1983. 50 pages. (3PRINCIPLES: .doc, .pdf).

"A Treatise of The Three Principles of Metals", p.1142
Of Sulphur. p.1143
Of the Use of this Element of Fire, which Paracelsus hath so earnestly commended to all Physicans. p.1148
Here is presented, first, the method of Washing Black Sulphur so, as it becomes very White. p.1156
Process. p.1157
Another way of Fixing Sulphur. p.1161
Another way of Fixing Sulphur. p.1161
The Use of the Same in Chymistry. p.1164
Behold I present you the way of Opening and Constituting a perpetual metallurgy of Sol and Luna. p.1165
The way of adding the Fiexed Sulphur a Ferment, by the benefit of which, is acquired Inhress into Metals, penetrative, and amending the same. p.1167
The way of Preparing a perpetual Metallurgy of Sol and Luna, by the help of Fixed Sulphur. p.1169
A Corollary. p.1177

"Of The Mercury of Philosophers", p.1185
The Process follows. p.1190
The Conjunction of Philosophick Mercury with Gold. p.1191
The Fixation of Mercury with Gold. p.1192
The Fixation of the Mercury of Mars and Venus, into one Tincture. p.1193
How to prove, whether Mercury be Legitimately prepared, and whether it can give forth the Tincture of Metals. p.1194
A Tryal, or Proof, whether the mercury of Metal be so well prepared, as of it with Sol may be made a Tinture. p.1194
The way of Preparing a tinging Mercury of Antimony. p.1196
The Way of Preparing out of Mars and Venus, a tinging Mercury, by the help of Resuscitative Salts only, without any corrosives. p.1197
Now follows the Process. p.1197
The way of Preparing Mercury out of Metals and Minerals, by the benefit of Tartar only, without any other Salts. p.1199
The way of Preparing Mercury of Saturn, by Tartar only. p.1200
The way of Preparing Mercury of antimony, by the help of Tartar only. p.1200
The Method of distilling a tinging Mercurial Spirit from Metals another way. p.1201
The way of making good Mercury of Saturn and Luna. p.1202
The way of Preparing Mercury of Jupiter. p.1203
Behold, I present thee another way, by which, without any Charge or Expense of Money, you may easily prepare as much of the Philosophick Mercury as you will. p.1204
A Corollary. p.1206

"Of The Salt of Philosophers", p.1209
Of the Preparation of the Salt of Philosophers. p.1210
The incredible Virtue and Efficacy, which this wonderful Salt manifests in preparation of Tinctures, for exalting all Metals and Minerals to the perfection of Gold. p.1211
Behold I present to you, yet another Royal Experiment, which I have not long since effected, by the help of our Red Stone, in the following manner. p.1223
A Corollary. p.1227

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