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"A Treatise on the Animal Stone" from the Complete Works of Rudolph Glauber. Translated by Chris. Packe. Faithfully Translated out of the High-Dutch. R.A.M.S. 1983. 29 pages. (ANIMALSTONE: .doc, .pdf)

Table of Contents:
The Preface. p.1
Of the Animal Stone. p.2
A Relation of what happened at Vienna between Paracelsus and some of the Imperial-Court Physicians. p.7
An Experimental Demonstration, that a Mineral Virtue is hid in the Hair of Beasts. p.8
Another Experiment to deomonstrate, that a Mineral Mercury and Sulphur is contained in the Superfluities of Animals. p.10
A Corollary, Or Appendix to the foregoing Discourse. p.16
A Process. p.18
A Process, to sublime the Coals of Sol, Mercury and Animal Sulphur into purple coloured Flowers, with the help of a fulminating Powder. p.21

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