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"The Apology of John Rudolph Glauber, Against the Lying Calumnies of Christopher Farnner."
Translated by Chris Packe.
62 pages.
R.A.M.S. 1983.
(GLAUBER / APOLOGY: .doc, .pdf).
[Original R.A.M.S.: Complete Works, the - Glauber, Rudolph - 2800 pages, US$336.00*]

Table of Contents:
"The Apology of John Rudolph Glauber, Against the Lying Calumnies of Christopher Farnner", p.626
The first obligation which Farnner gave me, runs thus. p.631
The second Obligation. p.632
Expressions gathered out of certain of Farnner's Epistle sent to me; from which is evident how greatly he is beholden to me. p.634
Out of another Epistle, July 17th, 1653. p.635
Out of another Epistle, July 29th. 1653. p.635
In another Epistle he saidth. p.636
A Specificaation of those Chymical things.p.644
An Admonition. p.647
Now follows the Preparation. p.649
The Praxis. How by the mediation of this liquor Vegetables, Animals, and Minerals may be converted into good Medicaments. p.651
Now follows another Clause of Farnner's Epistle. p.655
2. All mineral's and Metals. p.655
3. Glauber's Alkahest. p.655
4. The Trail of all sorts of Coins. p.656
5. Flowers of Coral. p.656
6. To make melted Tin hard. p.658
7. White Vitrifications. p.658
8. Plenty of Spirit of Salt. p.662
9. Spirit of Vitriol, Nitre, Salt, Aqua-fortis, Aqua-regis also Sulphur. p.663
10. Mineral Spirits. p.664
11. Flowers of Minerals and Metals. p.664
12. the Quintessence. p.665
13. All acid wines. p.666
14. All Wines. p.670
15. Brandy-Wine of all sorts of Corn. p.671
16. To strengthen all sorts of Beers. p.674
Acid or Sower Beers. p.676
18. Vinegar of Corn. p.677
19. Vinegar of green Woods. p.677
20. Altho Glauber, & etc. p.678
21. All Copper Ores. p.679
22. From tets and Cupels. p.680
23. Gold and Silver. p.680
And at length. p.681
Contents. p.684

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