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"The Book of Philip Theophrastus Bombast of Hohenheim"
Translated by Chris Packe.
R.A.M.S. 1983.
43 pages.
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Table of Contents:
"The Book of Philip Theophrastus Bombast of Hohenheim", p.956
The Preface. p.956
His Tincture of Natural things, & etc.
Chapter I. p.959
Chapter II. Of the Definition of the Subject and Matter of the Tincture of Natural Things. p.961
Chapter III. Of the Process of the Ancients in preparing the Tincture; and of a more short way found out by Paracelsus. p.962
Chapter IV. Of the Process of preparing the Tincture of Natural Things, abbreviated by Paracelsus. p.964
Chapter V. Of the Conclusion of the process of the Ancient, made by Paracelsus. p.966
Chapter VI. Of the Transmutation of Metals by Projection of the Medicine. p.968
Chapter VII. Of the Renovation of Men. p.970
Of Vitriol. p.971
Of the Species of Vitriol. p.973
Of the Virtues of Vitriol in Medicine; first, of it Crude, and its Colcothar. p.975
Of the Water of Vitriol in Chirurgick, and Internal Diseases. p.978
Of the Red Oil of Vitriol. p.984
Of the White and Green oil of Vitriol. p.987
Of the Vitriolate Oil to be used in Alchemy, and also of the Crude. p.989
In Admonition. p.993

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