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"Chemical Secrets and Experiments" by Sir Kenelm Digby Kt. Chancellor to Her Majesty The Queen Mother. Translated by George Hartman, London, 1608. A Choice Collection of rare Chemical Secrets and Experiments in Philosohy. 211 pages. R.A.M.S. 1983. (CHEMSECRETS: .doc, .pdf, .jpg) E
Table of Contents:
An Epitaph upon The Honoruable and Truly Noble Sir kenelm Digby, Kt., p.t6.
How to fix Silver into Gold by Mercury and Mercury Precipitate. p.1
My Process is Such. p.2
A Work with Gold and Mercury that Mansieur Dandre Helped to Work in Piedmont, in Great Quantity p.3
Some observations about the said Monsieur Dandre's work. p.4
Monsieur Van Outer's secret, Physician of Brussles, with Gold and Butter of Antimony. p.5
The Multiplication of the Powder. p.7
The Projection. p.8
A Considerable Work with Gold and Mercury. p.8
A Work copied out of the original of Monsieur De La Violette's own hand, whereof he made great account. p.9
Synder's Secret, as he gave it me himself the 22 of July, 1664. p.11
The following observations are from another learned man, with whom Sir kenelm did confer at his return from Bristol, concerning the said snyder's work, who saith thus. p.12
A great secret of the said Mr. Snyder's Powder. p13
Matthews His Work. p.13
To fix Silver into Gold. p.15
An observation about Volatilised silver. p.16
A Process from Monsieur Vignault, with Gold and Mercury, &c. p.17
Fixation of Silver, wrought by Father Bening De Baune, and by him communicated to me. p.18
Observations. p.20
A Water which changes Mercury as red as Blood, which a bedeth the Fire. p.21
Saunier's Work, as i wrought it. p.22
The Danes Work. p.24
A Miniera of Gold, wrought by a person of Quality in Champagne. p.29
Fixation of Lead into Gold, with good profit. p.31
To fix Mercury of Antimony, or the common mercury. p.31
A Reality upon Silver. p.32
Fixation of the Mercury of Antimony, as Monsieur de La Noue wrought it at Paris. p.33
Preparation of the powder, with which Claudius De Montrougr,
and Abbot Oberye at Paris fixed Mercury of Antimony. p.33
A Process to fix the Common Mercury by the Salt of Lead;
wrought by Captain Ziegler at Ments, and sent me by him. p.35
An A.F. to be used in this Work. p.36
A work upon cinaber, wrought by Monsieur Sauvage. p.37
Tincture of Mars. p.40
To fix a quater part of Silver into Gold. p.41
A work with Butter of Antimony. p.42
An excellent fusible salt. p.42
Another fusible salt. p.42
An operation with a Martial regulus of Antimony, wrought by Monsieur Toysonnier. p.43
Butter of Antimony to extract the tincture of Gold. p.44
To fix Silver into Gold; given me by an intimate friend, who told me that he wrought it as followeth,
taking his hints out of Lully's experiments. p.44
Mallus his process to fix Silver; wrought by Monsieur Ferrier, and given me by him, 1660. p.45
To fix Silover by a mercurial water. p.45
Monsieur Bertault's tincture of Gold by Venus. p.46
To fix Silver into Gold. p.46
Another tincture of Silver. p.46
An operation with Gold and Mercury of Antimony; wrought by Monsieur Chambulan, and given me by him. p.47
Fermentation. p.49
Elixir of Antimony, Gold and Mercury. p.49
Elixir Ex Gold and Silver. p.49
Elixir Album. p.50
To extract mercury of Silver or Lead. p.52
To make a Minera of Mercury of antimony, Ad Infinitum. p.52
Another way to extract the Mercury of Antimony by an A.R. given me by Monsieur Carton. p.53
To extract the mercury of Antimony, or of Lead,
wrought several times by Monsieur Van Outre, Physician of Brussels. p.55
Butter of Antimony without sublimate, to extract Mercury of Antimony. p.55
To extract the Mercury of Antimony with this butter, proceed thus. p.56
Another way. p.56
To extract a Mercury out of Silver. p.56
Another way to extract the Mercury of Antimony. p.56
Mercury of all metals. p.57
A great secret, Mercury of Antimony, and other metals, Ad Infinitum. p.57
To prepare the Common Mercury, so that it will have all the qualities and properties of mmercury of Antimony,
and will be as powerful to volatilize Gold. p.59
Another excellent preparation and animation of mercury. p.59
Another way. p.59
Another. p.60
About a particular spirit of Nitre. p.60
An operation upon Lead; sent me by monsieur Voucaud. The Philosopher's epilogue. p.62
Quintessence of Lead; The Universal Dissolvent. p.62
The Philosophical Aqua Regis. p.67
Composition. p.71
An operation upon Jupiter. p.74
Gold and Silver Ex Jupiter. p.74
A short and clear description of the Great Philosophick Stone. The First Operation. p.76
The Second Operation. p.77
The Third Operation. p.78

The Fourth Operation. p.78
The Fifth Operation. p.79
The Sixth Operation. p.79
The Seventh Operation. p.80
A note from one that wrought the stone. p.81
Lauremberg's Observations upon Angelus Sala his synopsis of Aphorisms, 1624 in Quarto. p.81
Concerning May Dew. p.82
Flamel, Artefius, Pontanus, Zacaire, & C. their Arcanum. p.83
To prepare a ferment or sulphur of Gold. p.86
An operation that Monsieur de L'Oberye wrote from Monsieur John's mouth. p.86
Venus into Silver; sent me by Monsieur De Beaulieu. p.87
The Multiplication. p.88
To fix the Sal Ammoniac for this work. p.89
To fix the Arsenick and Nitre. p.89
To fix the Sulphur for this work. p.90
Oul of Mercury. p.90
To prepare the Venus for this work. p.90
To prepare the salt of Tartar for this work. p.90
To prepare the Silver for this work. p.91
Transmutation of Mercury into a Regulus. p.91
Calx of Gold. p.91
A Pretty curiosity, to make metals vvegetate visibly. p.92
To engender cray-fishes. p.93
To make Oyl of Talc. p.94
An excellent cosmetick prepared out of Silver. p.95
Another way to make Oyl of Talc. p.95
To burn holes in Glass. p.96
An explanation of this figure. p.97
Directions how to Coppel in this furnace; and first, how to make a coppel. p.99

The Dutch-mans process of volatilizing salt of tartar, and corporifying spirit of wine, is this: p.4
He maketh his red Calx of Gold this: p.5
Elixir Ex Vino & Sole. p.5
Monsieur Toysonnier wrought thus: p.5
The menstruum coelicum exumberatum, to dissolve Gold, and all metals, and carry them over the helm,
wrought by Dr. Clodius, and by him communicated unto me. p.7
To prepare a most excellent medicine with this Mercurial Water, proceed thus: p.10
The Lunary Water of Paradise, or the Celestial eagle of the Lunar Sphere, which is Lully's true spiritual Lunary. p.11
Water of Paradise of Saturn, or Jupiters celestial Eagle. p.12
This Water cureth all Saturnian Maladies, and Melancholy, being mixt with S.V. you may give it in all inflammations both inward and outward; the dose equal with the former. p.12
About Vitrum Antimonii, and the Tincture of it. p.13
A white Spirit of sulphur to dissolve Silver and Mercury; given me by Monsieur Bugneau. p.14
An Universal Medicine, from Gold and Antimony, and C. p.15
To prepare the Mercury for this work. p.16
To prepare the tincture of Gold from this work. p.17
The Dissolvent. p.18
To prepare the Spirit of Wine, fit for this tincture of Gold. p.19
His menstruum is thus made: p.20
The Metalline Aureal Water, or the Aethereal Aurum Potabile, which is a very great medicine for the Gout;
it is the true Hermaphroditick Bath. p.22
The Eagles Gluten, or Mercury of the Wise, or metalline menstruum;
with which and Lions Blood is made the Metalline Stone. p.23
Water of Paradise, or of the Hermetick Eagle, whereof are made unheard-of medicine,
and powders of projection. p.24
Water of Paradise of Common Mercury, or Hermes His Eagle, or the terrestrial and Celestial Mercury. p.25
The Antimonial Water of Paradise, or the Hermetick Caelestial Eagle with Two heads. p.27
Water of Paradise of Venus and Mars, or Venus and Mars Captivated,
whence cometh Cupid, or the Solar Panacea. p.28
The Thrice Noble Water of Paradise, or Apollo Medens. p.29
An unheard-of Arcanum, or new and unheard-of Lunary, wherewith is made the Elixir, or Metalline Stone. p.30
To make the Metalline Stone per se of this spiritual Lunary. p.32
Monsieur Barkly's fixation of common Sulphur, and the Tincture thereof,
which is an excellent medicine in all affects of the breat and lungs. p.34
The Countess of Kents Powder, as it was prepared by Sir Kenelm Digby's order in his operatory. p.35
A very efficacious remedy against the Epilepse, or falling-sickness, wherewith Sir Kenelm Digby cured a ministers son, named Mr. Lichtenstein, at Francfort in Germany, in the year 1659, to which I was an eye-witness. p.37
Another for the same. p.37
The preparation of the Silver pills against the dropsie,
as they were prepared by Sir kenelm Digby's order in his operatory. p.38
Directions for the use of these Silver pills. p.39
Another drink. p.41
Another experimented remedy for the dropsie, whereby several persons have been cured,
as I have been assured. p.42
Another excellent remedy against the dropsie. p.42
The copy of a letter from Abbot Boucaud from Paris to Sir. K.D. wherein he relates in what manner he cured himself of the stone, and of a Quartan Ague. p.42
A process, how to make a most excellent Oyl of Suplhur in abundance;
sent also by the said Abbot Boucard to Sir K. p.44
A subtil Volatil Water from Sulphur, which will dissolve Gold. p.45
An excellent essence of Sulphur fro the Breast, and for the Lungs. P.45
An excellent Elixir of Sulphur. p.46
Lac sulphuris. p.47
A great Diaphoretick of Antimony. p.48
the Sudorifick Decoction. p.50
A most excellent medicine against all sorts of agues and fevers & c. p.50
A precious Oyl of Antimony. p.51
A most excellent panacea of the true Sulphur of Antimony. p.51
A great Febrifuge. p.53
Another great Febrifuge, which is said to be Riverius his Febrifuge. p.55
Another Febrifuge. p.55
Another Febrifuge, which is thought to be Riverius his true Febrifuge. p.56
A certain and experimented remedy to cure the convulsion fits in little children;
as also for the epilepsie, the cholick, and for the spleen & C. p.57
Sigillum hermetis, or, a great and experimented medicine, which hath done great effects in the cure of all sorts of agues and fevers. It was given to Sir kenelm Digby by an able physician, who had done wonderful cures with it. p.58
Monsieur C. His Lunary Emetick and Febrifuge & C. p.60
To make a most excellent Sudorifick of thr aforesaid butter,
that will cure the leprosie, and the venereal disease,. p.61
An Oyl of Gold, wherewith Monsieur Belieur, a famous Chirurgeon at Paris,
cured cancers, all old ulcers, cankers, nd venereal sores, & C. p.61
Doctor Havervelt his remedy, wherewith he cured the evil or scrofulaes, cancers, and old ulcers. p.62
Another for the same. p.63
A most excellent physical salt, as it was prepared in Sir Kenelm's laboratory. p.63
The best way to make the spirit of urine is thus: p.64
Sir Kenelm Digby's excellent remedy for tetters, herps, and ring-worms,
scabby itches & C. as it was prepared by his directions for his own use for a tetters. p.65
A great medicine, wherewith wonderful cures have been performed to my knowledge. p.66
Lapis Ignis, for the renovation of mankind, by the three principles of nature, salt sulphur and mercury. p.69
To make the salt of Antimony. p.70
To make the Mercury of Antimony for this work. p.71
Composition of the said Salt, Sulphur and Mercury. p.71
The Marchioness De Beck, her Aurum Potabile, which she must esteemeth. p.72
Cornachinus, his medicinal powder, as it was prepared by Sir K. Digby's order in his laboratory. p.73
A laxative and emetick cream of Tartar. p.74
Another most excellent laxative and emetick cream of Tartar. p.74
The volatile Salt of Tartar, as I have often made it, which is an excellent remedy. p.76
A Physical Salt. p.78
A precious Tincture of the Flowers of Antimony. p.78
An excellent and true Tincture of Coral. p.79
An excellent extract of Mars, for diarrhaea's and fluxes. p.80
Sir kenelm Digby's remedy for the same; as it wasprepared by his order, and much used. p.81
Sir Kenelm Digby, his excellent Plaister of Lead. p.81
Dr. Stephen's Plaister for the gout. p.82
A very good Oyntment for the gout; and the running gout, aches, numbness, and pain in the joynts & C. p.82
A certain and infallible remedy to prevent and cure the fits of the gout. p.83
Mr. Locher, an Apothecary of London, his excellent Oyl for Deafness, which he gave to Sir. K.D. p.84
Another experimented remedy for the same. p.84
A most precious Balsam of great vertue. p.85
Laudanum Germanicum: being a singular preparation for Matthew's, or Dr. Starky's pills. p.87
The tincture of Antimony is made thus, according to Basil Valentine. p.89
The preparation of Sir Kenelm Digby's sympathetical powder, as we prepared it every year in his laboratory, and as I prepare it now, is only thus. p.90

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