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"A Short Book of Dialogues", or "Certain Colloquies of some Studious Searchers after the Hermetick Medicine and Universal Tincture." Complete Works of Glauber, trans. by Chris. Packe. R.A.M.S. 1982. 73 pages. (DIALOGUES: .doc, .pdf, .jpg)
Table of Contents:
The Preface. p.1
The Explication of the annexed Figure belonging to this Treatise. p.3
The First Dialogue, or Conference, betwixt two lovers of Hermetick Medicine, deciphered by the Letters, A. and B. the last of which hath had a prosperous Success on his Labours, the other not, and therefore craves of the last (viz. B.) a Manuduction to the Work, whereby he is rendered Master of his desire. p.3
The Corollary, or, Present over and above. p.36
The Second Dialogue, or Conference, or a continuation of the precident Colloquuy or Dialogue, treating of the Preparation of an universal Mediciament out of the black venemou and Volatile, Saturnine Magnesia. p.37
The Corollary. p.49
The Third Dialogue, or Conference, betwixt B. and C., treating of the true Universal and particular Medicine of the ancient Philsophers, (extracted) out of such Gold as is yet fugacious, or Votatile, and immature; (and is) to be ripened by their secret Fire; which Operation is by them styled, the work of Women, and play of Children. p.52
The Corollary. p.70

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