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"The Heaven of Philosophers", or A Book of Vexations. By Philippus Theophrastus Paracelsus.
Translated by Chris Packe.
93 pages.
R.A.M.S. 1983.
(GLAUBER / HEAVEN: .doc, .pdf).
[Original R.A.M.S.: Complete Works, the - Glauber, Rudolph - 2800 pages, US$336.00*]

Table of Contents:
"The Heaven of Philosophers", or "A Book of Vexations". By Philippus Theophrastus Paracelsus, p.534
The First Rule. Of the Nature and property of Mercury. p.541
The Second Rule. Of Jupiter and his Nature. p.546
the Third Rule. Of Mars and his Property. p.554
The Fourth Rule. Of the Nature of Venus. p.566
The Fifth Rule Of the Nature and Virtues of Saturn. p.573
The Sixth Rule. Of the Moon, and her Nature and Property. p.575
The Seventh Rule. Of the Sun, its nature and Property. p.581
God and Nature make nothing in vain. p.585
What is to be determined concerning the Coagulation of Mercury. p.588
The Receipts of Alchemy. p.590
By what means Crystals are to be Conjured, and all things to be seen in them. p.599
Of the Heat of Mercury. p.600
What matter and instruments are needful in Alchemy. p.602
What thing Alchemy is. p.606
Of Gemms. p.607
Now follows the Praxis of the aforesaid theory. p.612
This is the Art. p.612
Another separation of Sol and Luna out of the Imperfect Metals by Saturn. p.615
The Contents. p.623

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