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"The Mineral Work", The First Part. wherein is taught the separation of Gold.;
Translated by Chris Packe.
58 pages.
R.A.M.S. 1983.
(GLAUBER / MINERAL_WORK: .doc, .pdf).
[Original R.A.M.S.: Complete Works, the - Glauber, Rudolph - 2800 pages, US$336.00*]

Table of Contents:
"The Mineral Work", The First Part. wherein is taught the separation of Gold. p.433
A preface to the Reader. p.433
The First Part of the Mineral Work. p.436
Now follows the preparation of flints, and the extraction of the gold contained in them, by the spirit of salt. p.443
Here follows the work to be performed by Funnels. p.447
How impure Gold may be separated and purged by Antimony. p.450
Now follows the way of separating the Gold and Silver from the Antimony. p.452
Here follows the use of the Antimonial Flowers. p.454
The Preparation followeth. p.456
of the Virtues of this Medicine. p.459
Of the use and dose of this Medicine. p.460
Now follow the Virtues which it manifests in Metallicks. p.471
How the aforesaid regulus of the flowers and dross of Antimony, is to be used in the bettering of course Metals, shall be shewn, that Art may not be abused. p.474
Now follows the use. p.478
The fluxing powder requisite to this work. p.482
The Second Part of the Mineral Work. p.488
A Preface to the Reader. p.488

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