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"Mirror of Alchimy" composed by the thrice-famous and learned fryer, Roger Bacon, sometimes fellow of Martin Colledge: and afterwards of Brasen-nose Colledge in Oxenforde.; London. Printed by Thomas Creede for Richard Olive. 1597. 63 pages. (MIRRORALCHIMY: .doc, .pdf)
Table of Contents:
The Mirror of Alchimy. p.1
Preface. p.2
CHAP. I. Of the Definitions of Alchimy. p.3
CHAP. II. Of the naturall principles, and procreation of Minerals. p.4
CHAP. III. Out of what things the matter of Elixir must be more nearly extracted. p.6
CHAP. IIII. of the manner of working, and of moderating, and continuing the fire. p.10
CHAP. V. Of the qualitie of the Vessell and Furnace. p.12
CHAP. VI. Of the accidental and essential colours appearing in the work. p.14
CHAP. VII. How to make projection af the medicine upon any imperfect body. p.16

"The Booke of the Secrets of Alchimie", composed by Kalid the son of Iazich, translated out of Hebrew into Arabick, and out of Arabick into Latine, and out of Latin into English, p.28
The Preface of the difficultie of the Art. p.28
CHAP I. Of the foure Masteries, or principall works of the Art, to wit, solution, congelation, albification, and rubification. p.32
CHAP. II. Of the things and instruments necessarie and fit for this worke. p.36
CHAP. III. Of the nature of things appertaining to this worke. p.36
CHAP. IIII. Of Decoction, and the effect thereof. p.37
CHAP. V. Of Subtiliation, Solution, Coagulation, and commistion of the Stone, and of their cause and end. p.37
CHAP. VI. The manner how to fixe the Spirit. p.40
CHAP. VII. Of the Decoction, Contrition, and washing of the stone. p.40
CHAP. VIII. Of the quantitie of the Fire, and of the commoditie and discommoditie of it. p.41
CHAP IX. Of the Separation of the Elements of the Stone. p.41
CHAP. X. Of the nature of the Stone, and his birth. p.42
CHAP. XI. Of the commistion of the Elements that were seperated. p.43
CHAP. XII. Of the solution of the Stone compounded. p.45
CHAP. XIII, Of the coagulation of the Stone dissolued. p.46
CHAP XIIII. That there is but one Stone, and of his nature. p.46
CHAP. XV. The manner how to make the Stone white. p.47
CHAP. XVI. The conversion of the foresaid Stone into red. p.49
"An excellent discourse of the admirable force and efficacie of Art and Nature", written by the famous Frier Roger Bacon. p.50

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