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"The Prosperity of Germany" First through Fifth Parts from the Complete Works of Rudolph Glauber. Translated by Chris Packe. R.A.M.S. 1983. 428 pages. (PROSPGERMANY: .doc, .pdf, .jpg)
Table of Contents:
The First Part.
The Concentration of Wine, Corn, and Wood, and the more profitable use of them, than hath hitherto been. p.1
To Pious, Prudent and you Country-loving Patrons,. p.1
The Preface. p.6
The First Part. p.14
Chapter II. Treateth of Corn: Shewing what means it is to be Concentred, and condensated by, so as to be Exported in great Quantities into other Countries, whereby both Gain and Moneys may be thereof made. p.29
The Process of Concentrating Corn is this: p.31
Chapter III. Of the Concentration of Vegetables. p.43
An Admonition, adjoined as an Over-plus. p.76
The Second Part.
Wherein is shewn, by what means Minerals may be Concentrated by Nitre, and turned into Metallick, and better Bodies. p.82
Friendly Reader,. p.82
Of the difference of Minerals, and what is understood by the Name of Minerals. p.83
And first of all we'll speak of Antimony. p.84
Of Arsenick. p.85
Of Auripigment. p.86
Of Cobolt. p.86
Of the Silvery Marchasite. p.86
Of the Golden Marchasite. p.87
Of Zink. p.88
Of Calmei or Lapis Calaminaris. p.89
Of Common Sulphur. p.89
An Admonition, and short repetition of those things which are treated of in this Treatise. p.148
The Third Part.
The way of most easily and plentifully extracting Salt-Petre out of Various Subjects every where Obvious and at Hand. Together with a succinct Explication of Paracelsus his Prophecy; that is to say, in what manner it is to be understood the Northern Lion will Institute or Plant his political or evil Monarchy. p.152
To the reader,. p.152
Of the Preparation of Salt Petre. p.154
The Lixivium is on this wise made. p.157
Another way of making Excellent Salt-petre in great Quantity out of Lime and the Lee of Wood. p.158
Here follows another way of plentifully extracting Salt-Petre out of Rocks and Stones without vegetables or Animals. p.162
Now follows what we mentioned of the aforesaid Lazarus Ercker of the manner of Boiling Salt-Petre and First by what means a Lixivium is to be made out of a Nitrous Earth. p.179
The manner of preparing the Liquor, out of which Salt-Petre may be made by Boiling. p.183
The way of rightly using the Liquor for the generating of a more Crude Salt-Petre. p.183
The way to purifie the crude Salt-Petre. p.185
The manner of purifying the gross and blackish Salt that comes out of the Salt-Petre. p.190
The way of augmenting the Crude Lixivium afore its boiling. p.192
Now follows the Second Monarchy. p.196
Now follows the Third Monarchial prophecy. p.198
The Prophesie of Dr. Philip Theophrastus Paracelsus of the Northern Lion. p.200
Now follows the Use and benefit of Salt-Petre. p.226
Now follows the Process, Operation,or manner of extracting Sol and Luna out of all the Metals with Profit. p.229
Another Augment or Encrease of Sol. p.234
Another way of Augmenting Sol. p.235
Another Augmentation of Sol. p.236
Now it follows that we shew by what means we may have benefit out of the edulcoratory Water, and not be forced to throw it away. p.262
Now follow Paracelsus his words, concerning Sulphur and Vitriol. p.287
The Fourth Part.
In which are revealed many excellent, useful Secrets, ans such as are servicable to the Country; and withall, several preparations of efficacious cates extracted out of Metals, and appointed to Physical uses; as also various confections of GoldenPotions. To which is also adjoyned a small Treatise, which maketh mention of my Laborayory. p.308
The Preface to the friendly reader,. p.308
Of the word Sauce, and what is meant thereby. p.311
Good Cheese must neither Argus be, Largus nor Magdalen, Methuselah nor Habbacuck, nor Lazarus. p.316
The manner of Preparing a good sauce or Junket out of Silver, which helpeth the Distempers and Diseases of the Brain. p.327
Another Sauce or Junket made of Gold and Silver. p.328
Another Junket or Sauce, viz. A Confection of a Mineral Alkermes. p.329
A Purge of Saturn. p.333
A Purge of Lune. p.333
Purging Gold. p.334
Aurum Diaphoreticum, or Sweating Gold. p.335
The manner of so placing the Magnet, that they may receive the Astral and vivfying Rays of the Sun, and may render them visible, palpable, and durable in the Fire. p.349
The Fire and Azoth wash Laton. p.368
The Conclusion. p.404
The Fifth Part.
Clearly and solidly demonstrating, and as it were shewing with the Fingers, what Alchemy is, and what benefit may by help thereof, be gotten every where, and in most places of Germany. p.406
The Aenigma of Brother Basl Valentine. p.414
The Event proves the Actions. p.415

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