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Table of Contents

"Philosophy of The Universe" or a General System of Chymical, Metaphysical, & Mathmatic Knowledge in which The Origin, natural properties of The Three Principles of Nature are Fully described."Compendium of Alchemical Tracts",
from the files of and translated by S. Bacstrom, M.D.
R.A.M.S. 1977. 284 pages. (COMPENDIUM: .PDF)

Table of Contents:
1. Curious Aphorisms concerning the Universal Salt of Nature.
copied from a small octavo Msc: without Name communicated to me about 20 years ago by Mr. F. La Fountain. translated from the German. Ano. 1797.
2. Antimonial Labours of Alex. Suchten Trans. Bacstrom
3. Joel Langelottus trans. S. Bacstrom
4. Archidoxes of Paracelsus.
5. Lully's Theory of the Philosophers Fire Explained by G. Ripley 9
6. The Work of the Great Elixer trans Bacstrom 13
7. Alchemical Aphorisms trans. S. Bacstrom 19
8. The Work With the Butter of Antimony.from the files of Sigismond Bacstrom. (08Butter_of_Antimony)
9. The Tincture of Antimony by Roger Bacon (09Tincture_Antimony_Bacon)
10. Some Thoughts on the Hint given by Basil Valentine of a Via Sicca Regenerationus Principiorum. (10Some_Thoughts_Valentine)
11. The Work of the Jewish Rabbi (11Work_Jewish_Rabbi)
12. Process for the Lapis With Nitre & Salt (12Process_Lapis)
13. The Work with Wolfram by a Venetian Nobleman. (13Wolfram)
14. The Process of The American Adept obtaining the Tincture from Urine. (14Process_American_Adept)
15. Dr. Bacstroms Thought (15Bacstroms_Thought)
16. Mr. Fords Letter anon. (16Fords_Letter)
17. The Mineral Gluten by Dorothea Juliana Wallachin (17MineralGluten)
18. Treatise concerning The Tincture of Antimony by Paracelsus. (18Tincture_Antimony_Paracelsus)
19. The Tincture from Nitre & Sulfur by Baron De Welling (19Tincture_Nitre_Sulfur_De_Welling)
20. Neuman on Nitre. The Nature and Difference of Salt Petre. (20Neuman_Nitre)
21. Sir Kenelm Digby’s Sal Enixum & Abbíe Rousseauís Primum Ens Salis (21Digby_Sal_Enixum_Rousseau_Primum_Ens_Salis)
22. Hermetical Extracts from the Works of Becher (22Hermetical_Extracts_Becher)
23. Miriam the Prophetess. (Sister of Moses). Her Conversation with AROS, King of Egypt, concerning her work. (23Miriam_Prophetess)
24. The Epistle of Arnoldus de Villa Nova to the King of Naples (24Epistle_Arnoldus_VillaNova)

In Addition,

Chemical Moonshine trans. S. Bacstrom. (CHEMICAL_MOONSHINE)

An Extract from Baron de Welling's CONSERVA FONTINALIS (Conserva_Fontinalis) 3 pages

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