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Cyliani (circa. 1830)
When "Hermes dévoilé" was published for the first time in 1832 by Felix Locquin
(16 rue Notre Dame des Victoires, Paris), the name of the author was not
give : only a mysterious "Ci..." was written on the front page.
When the second edition was printed in 1915 by the well known editors
Chacornac, the name of Cyliani appears for the first time on the cover.
According to Canseliet (see p.35 in "Le Feu du Soleil", by Robert Amadou,
Pauver, Paris 1978, ISBN 2.7202.0088.3), this name was given by Pierre Dujols.
However, in his "alchimie expliquée sur ses textes classiques", Canseliet said
he did NOT know who gave this name ...
"Hermes dévoillé" is the only one book which could be attributed to Cyliani.
[Source: The Alchemy Web Site]

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