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Jean Espagnet (1564-1637) (pseudonym/anagram 'Penes nos Unda Tagi')
He acquired a great reputation as a French, hermetic philosopher and alchemist. His only extant alchemical works, the "Arcanum Hermeticae philosophiae", a treaty on mystical alchemy( A number of editions were issued over the next decades and it was included in a number of alchemical compendia. An English translation, translated by Elias Ashmole, was printed in 1650, in Arthur Dee's 'Fasciculus chemicus: or chymical collections'.), and the "Enchiridion physicae restitutae" ( Summary of Physics Restored; contains details regarding the preparation and properties of the Philosopher' S Stone."), published in 1623 in Latin in Paris when he was 59 years of age, are classics of their kind. La philosophie naturelle
In 1590, he became a lawyer in Bordeaux without university education. Two years later Espagnet was Conseiller au Grand Conseil in Paris. In 1601, He was named President of the Parlement of Bordeaux; a position that would become honorary 19 years later. It is true that in 1609 d'Espagnet and his colleague, Lancre, presided over
one of the very few mass trials of witches in French history, in the Basque
Around 1609-12, he presided at the Chambre de l'Edit at Nerac after the mysterious death of his predecessor; he remained in office until 1615.
He proposed the square arrangement of planets and zodiacal signs.
"a retired public official who published the works under strict anonymity" -
[Source: Galileo Project]

Title in RAMS:
"Arcanum" or "The Grand Secret of Hermetick Philosophy", Third Edition, by Jean Espagnet. R.A.M.S. 1981. 45 pages. ( ARCANUM: .doc, .pdf, .jpg). More Info.


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