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Johann Grasshoff (? - 1623)
a native of Pomerania, doctor of laws, Syndic of Stralsund, and later councillor of Ernest, archbishop and elector of Cologne. He died in 1623.
His writing, originally written in German (published in Frankfurtand later translated into French, Latin and English have taken the following pseudonyms: 'Grasseus', 'Crasseux', 'Grosseus' or 'Grassaeus', 'C Hortalasseus', 'Hermann Condesyanus' or 'Herman Condeesyanus', 'Chortalassus' and 'Johannes Chortalasseus'. However Carlos Gilly, the author of 'Bibliographia Rosicruciana', has suggested 'Hermannus Condeesyanus' seems to be a pseudonym of Johannes Rhenanus, a member of Moritz's scientific entourage in the court of Kassel.

Johannes Walch or Walchius of Schondorff wrote a commentary (1619) on the anonymous
German tract "Der Kleine Bauer" (1617) which is ascribed to Johann Grasshoff, however Walch may be a pseudonym for Grasshoff,

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