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John HazelriggJohn Hazelrigg (1860-
Born at Hazelrigg, Indiana, on June 20, 1860, at 1:07 PM. Educated at Purdue University, he went on stage at the age of 21, and played leading parts in various companies for thirteen years. He was class poet at the time of graduation from the University, and from twelve years of age dabbled in literature: poetry, fiction, playwriting, magazine and feature newspaper work, also painting and art. He first began the study of Astrology in 1892. In 1900 he published "The Rationale of Astrology." Then from August 1901 to September 1902 inclusive, he wrote and published "Hazelrigg's Astrological Herald," a monthly brochure. In 1916 he founded the American Academy of Astrologians. This information and the photo can be found in one of his booklets, "Astrosophic Tractates," published in 1936, by Llewellyn. (Nomination, research, and photo courtesy of Steve Chiperas.)
[Source: Solstice Point]

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