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Eirenaeus Philalethes,17th century.
The little-known New England expatriate George Starkey (1627–1665) was the fictional creation Eirenaeus Philalethes ("Peaceful Lover of Truth"), a pseudonym Starkey adopted to disseminate anonymously his theories on early pharmaceutical medicine and alchemical transmutation.
[Source: History Cooperative]

TITLES in R.A.M.S. :
"The Chemists Key of Henry Nollius." Published by Eugenius Philalethes, London, 1657. S. Bacstrom M.D. "The Chemists Key to shut and Open: As the True Doctrine of the Corruption and Generation in Ten brief Aphorisms~ illustrated with most plain and faithfull commentaries, out of the pure Light of Nature." R.A.M.S. 1977. 38 pages. (CHEMISTSKEY: .doc, .pdf, .jpg). More Info.
"Three Tracts on Medicine: Metamorphosis of Metals, Brief Guide to the Celestial Ruby, and, Fount of Chemical Truth" by Eirenaeus Philalethes. Tres tractatus de metallorum transmutatione. Amsterdam, 1668. 63 pages. (PHILALETHES: .doc, .pdf). More Info.

Other works:
"The secret of the immortal liquor called Alkahest", or Ignis-Aqua by Eirenaeus Philalethes ..., London : Printed for William Cooper ..., 1683.
"Secrets reveal'd", or, An open entrance to the shut-palace of the King containing the greatest treasure in chymistry never yet so plainly discovered / composed by a most famous English-man, styling himself anonymus or Eyraeneus Philaletha cosmopolita ... ; published for the benefit of all Englishmen by W.C., Esq., a true lover of art and nature., London : Printed by W. Godbid for William Cooper ..., 1669.
"Ripley reviv'd", or, An exposition upon Sir George Ripley's hermetico-poetical works containing the plainest and most excellent discoveries of the most hidden secrets of the ancient philosophers, that were ever yet published / written by Eirenaeus Philalethes ..., London : Printed by Tho. Ratcliff and Nat. Thompson, for William Cooper ..., 1678.
"The Marrow of Alchemy" being an experimental treatise, discovering the secret and most hidden mystery of the philosophers elixer : divided into two parts, the first containing four books chiefly illustrating the theory, the other containing three books, elucidating the practique of the art ... / by Eirenaeus Philoponos Philalethes., London : Printed by A.M. for Edw. Brewster ..., 1654.

"An exposition upon Sir George Ripley's Epistle to King Edward IV"
written by Eirenaeus Philalethes Anglus, cosmopolita., London : Printed for William Cooper ..., 1677.
"Collectanea Chymica" a collection of ten several treatises in chymistry, concerning the liquor alkahest, the mercury of philosophers, and other curiosities worthy the perusal / written by Eir. Philaletha, Anonymous, Joh. Bapt. Van-Helmont, Dr. Fr. Antonie ... [et al.]., London : Printed for William Cooper ..., 1684.
"A Breviary of Alchemy", or, A commentary upon Sir George Ripley's recapitulation being a paraphrastical epitome of his twelve gates / written by AEyrenaeus Philalethes ..., London : Printed for William Cooper ..., 1678.

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