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Christian Knorr von Rosenroth, publisher. (1636 - 1689)
Born July 15, 1636, Altrauden, Schlesien (Silesia). After studying at the Universities of Leipzig (MA 1659) and Wittenberg, made an extended tour through France, England, and Holland. At Amsterdam he met an Armenian prince, with the chief rabbi, Meier Stern, from Frankfurt am Main, with Dr. John Lightfoot, Dr. Henry More, and others. As a result of these acquaintances he became interested in Oriental languages, chemistry, and cabalistic studies. Partly due to his knowledge in these areas, he entered into the service of Palgrave Christian August of Sulzbach, who in in 1668 appointed him Geheimrath and Kanzlei-director. Emperor Leopold I made him Baron von Rosenroth in 1677. He died May 8, 1689, Sulzbach (near Amberg), Bayern (Bavaria).
[Source: Cyber Hymnal]

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or "Purifying Fire." The work was first published in Latin in Knorr von Rosenroth's 'Kabbala Denudata', Sulzbach, 1677-1684. A translation into English was issued in W. Wynn Wescott's 'Collectanea Hermetica' series at the end of the 19th century. [8 chapters]. 28 pages. (AESCH:.doc, .pdf). More Info.

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