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John de Monte Snyder (approx. 1625 - 1670)
a german practical laboratory alchemist and author of "Metamorphosis Planetarum"(1663) and "De medicina universali" (1662). Monte-Snyder wrapped his laboratory processes in a beautiful and fascinating garment of classical allegory (Adam McLean). One of Isaac Newton's favorite alchemists whom he wrote an 5000 word manuscripts titled, 'Commentatio de Pharmaco Catholico', in Latin and among Newton's papers had been found an autographed transcript of John de Monte Snyder's "The Metamorphosis of the Planets". Newton extremely appreciated the treaty of the "Universal Medicine", which he translated into English and copied with his own hand. "Monte-Snyder, whose life and ascent remained mysterious, seems to have been a hermetist and a spagyrist of a real quality" wrote J J Becher in a commentary of his Works, published in 1726. Monte Snyder visited the Court of Leopold at Vienna in 1660.

Titles in R.A.M.S.:
"Universal and Particular Processes"
, by John de Monte Snyder, Translated from the Von Ehrenthal Manuscript (1743. Wellcome Institute MS. 2283), 'Montesnyder. De medicina universali'. Apparently an epitome of a work first published in 1662, perhaps made by von Ehrenthal himself. R.A.M.S. 1981. 19 pages. (UNIVERSAL: .doc, .pdf, .jpg). More Info.
"Metamorphosis of the Planets" by John de Monte Snyder. "A Wonderful Transmutation of the Planets and Metallic Formes into their first Essence (with an annexed process), being a discovery of the three keys pertinent to the obtaining of the three principes. Likewise in what manner the most generall universal is to be obtained is in many places of this treatise....". 1663, (second ed. 1700). [Preface, 31 Chapters, A Momento] R.A.M.S. 1982. 89 pages. (METAMORPHOSIS: .rtf, .pdf, .jpg). More Info.

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