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Bernard Trevisan (ca.1406-1490)

Bernard was an Italian alchemist from Treviso a city in Veneto, northern Italy. Several texts are associated with this name and mostly thought to be from numerous authors.

Text in RAMS Collection:

Part of "Aurifontina Chymica":
"The Answer of Bernardus Trevisanus to the Epistle of Thomas of Bononia",
"The Prefatory Epistle of Bernard, Earl of Tresne to Thomas of Bononia"

Part od "18 Short Tracts of Alchemy":
"Verbum Dimissum"
, by Count B. Trevisan. B.M. Sloane MS 3630
"Parable of the Fountain", by Count B. Trevisan. B.M. Sloane MS 3641.

Research notes: Listings of Bernard Trevisan in Sloane Collection.

Sloane 2036:
23. Here followeth the 3rd parte of this my booke wherein I shall speake of the principals and rooles of Mettals, and to prove the same I will shew divers and sundry philosophicall evident reasons - by me Doctor Alemont'. [i.e. Bernard of Trevisan]. f64-67.

Sloane 2053:
5. 'The theoricke of Treverencis'. ff.61-65. Begins: 'Aristotle and divers others of the philosophers saye that there shall never remayne.'

Sloane 3117:
1. Bernardi Comitis Marchiae Trevisanae liber de lapide philosophorum, in quatuor partes divisus. ff.2-84. Exstat impress variantibus quibusdam apud Theatrum Chemicum; ed Argentorati, 6 tom, 1613. tom I p.748.

Sloane 3630:
3. 'A treatise of Count Treverson [Bernardus Comes Marchiae Trevisanae], called in French, A word left, bequeathed or sent, etc'. ff.75-86.
Printed in French, in the Bibliotheque de Philophes Chimiques; v vol. 8vo. Par. 1741-54. Vol III. p.400.
See another copy. MS. Sloane 3771, f1.

Sloane 3632:
2. 'A booke of the transmutation of mettals made by the noble lord Bernard Earl of Treviers and Naige in Germany'; inscribed 'To the famous Doctor Thomas of Bononia, governor of France'. ff.10-27.
A translation of part of the Liber de Alchemiae of Bernard Trevisanno; from the middle of the Second Part (page 757 of the printed copy) to the end of the work. Printed in Latin in the Theatrum Chemicum. ed Argentorati, 8vo 1613-31, vol I, p.748.

Sloane 3636:
9. 'A singular treatise of Bernhard Count Trevisan, concerning the Philosophers' Stone'. ff.131-134. Begins: 'Considering the long desires and hopes of the students in the Chymick Art, I will in the present tractate breifly and openly declare this Art'.

Sloane 3637:
9. 'A treatise of the Egg of the Philosophers, composed by Bernard Count Trevisan, A German. Paris 1659', written in the form of an epistle. ff.119-135.
Begins: 'Sir, Under correction it seems to me that your aim at these things otherwise than the definition of natural things has been delivered'.

Sloane 3641:
5. 'The fourth part of the Book of Bernard Count of Marchia Trevisana, of the Practise of the Philosophick Stone'. ff.24-28. Printed in Latin in the Theatrum Chemicum, Vol I, p.772.
7. 'Parole delaissée, or A word slipt out. A treatise of Bernard Count or Earl of the Country of Trevisa'. ff.35-48.

Sloane 3689:
4. 'The theorick of Treverensis'. ff.16-20.
Printed in the Theatrum Chemicum, In Latin, being the latter end of the second part of the work by Bernardus Trevisanus, De Chemico miracula, Vol. I. p.758.
5. 'Traverences of the esones of metalls'. ff.21-31. Printed ibid., in Latin, being the third part of the same treatise by Bernardus Trevisanus, Vol I, p.866.

Sloane 3737:
4. Nonnulla ex Bernardo Treviensi de Alchemia. ff.93-95.

Sloane 3771.
Paper. Duodecimo. 14 folios. 17th Century.
A treatise of [Bernard] Count Trevisan, called in French Perole delaisse, or a world left, bequeathed or sent, etc. [Printed in French, in the 'Bibliotheque des Philosophes Chimiques', Paris, 4 Vol. Octavo, 1741-1754, Vol II, p.400.]

Bernard Trevisan in the Chemicum Theatricum:
Bernardus Trevisanus. De Chemico miraculo, quod lapidem philosophiae appellant [sive De Alchemia Liber], Vol I. p. 683.
Printed text:
"Generosissimi domini Bernardi, Comitis Marchiae Trevisanae Liber"



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