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Hans Nintzel

About Hans W. Nintzel (1932 - 2000).

Hans Nintzel PortraitBorn on April 1st, 1932 in Brooklyn, NY. Hans Nintzel was one of the most significant of the late twentieth century's alchemical enthusiasts; a highly unique and charismatic man, he was well known in the Dallas Metroplex among those who choose to study alternative subjects.
Hans was very well read and was influenced by the late Dion Fortune (1890-1946) and other famous figures in the metaphysical arenas. From the 1970's he worked tirelessly to promote interest in alchemy, the subject he dearly loved. He was among Frater Albertus' , Dr. Albert Riedel (1911-84), earliest pupils having been encouraged to attend by Irael Regardie. Intensely inspired by Frater's practical approach to alchemy Hans spent seven years studying with him sharing the class with fellow students: Russ House, Art Kunkin (founder of the L.A. Free Press, and
inheritor of Regardie's library)
, Dave Hamm, or Paul Clark.
In M. Nicolas' Memorium to Hans he indicated, under Frater Albertus' direction he studied and discovered the Mercury of the Philosophers, (the true key of the hermetic sanctuary), which certifies him as an Adept of the Alchemical Science.

In 1977, at the age of 45, Hans purchased 733 Melrose Drive, Richardson, Texas. with his wife, Jody, and converted the garage into a lab with the installation of a gasline. This address was central to the establishment of his best known work - the R.A.M.S. publications - the Restoration of Alchemical Manuscripts Society and the primary location for his classes that he held two - three times a year. He had published "Artephius. His Secret Book. The Epistle of John Pontanus" a year earlier in 1976. 

Through a close knit groups of friends he struggled to make rare Alchemical manuscripts available to the English speaking audience until the 1990's. The publications were produced to order. The material supplied by Hans were simple looseleaf photocopies of carefully researched, typed, and often translated manuscripts. Hans was very particular about which Alchemical materials he included in the R.A.M.S. collection, rejecting as worthless most of the modern books commonly available in University libraries.
R.A.M.S. published a truly unique collection of Alchemical knowledge which is sought out by all serious students of alchemy.

Hans often lectured on Qabala and alchemy, and organised a number of workshops on practical alchemy to pass on his extensive knowledge, demonstrating alchemical procedures and perform practical work (oil of egg and oil of gold that he had extracted as a tincture).
He attended a Solazaref encampment in France in 1986. In 1995 the workshops where only two to three times a year on an 'as needed' basis. His massive class hand-outs of over 150 pages contained information on Alchemy, Qabbalah, Astrology, Enochian, and Ceremonial Magick. Extremely generous with his time and shared his enthusiasm liberally with others, he took on a number of pupils and was always willing to make time for people, or to share his contacts. He routinely made various oils used mostly for healing.
Hans invited and organised workshops for overseas practitioners, such as the event of Manfred Junius's first American Alchemical class at his Texas home in July of 1990.

Hans had a remarkable book library and collection of unusual information in several file cabinets, gathered and studied over many years. His alchemical lab consisted of a small area carved out of a very packed garage, but it worked and was used to instruct his students in the nuances of alchemy. He said a drop of the oil of gold could be placed on the tongue of a person having a heart attack and it would stabilize them within minutes. The gold he extracted the oil from was quite peculiar, dull and somewhat brittle for gold since the oil its the 'life' of matter had be removed.

Hans was instrumental in the publication of the English translation of Manfred M. Junius' Practical Handbook of Plant Alchemy'. Adam McLean utilised the R.A.M.S. mailing list to publicize the Hermetic Journal (1978-92) which brought an immediate base of subscribers. Time-Life consulted Hans about alchemy for "The Secret of the Alchemist", 1990, a 144p book in the "Mysteries of the Unknown" series.

He was a member of the Celtic Christian Church, Texas that he had helped to found. Carr Collins Jr., Hans and others had arranged an English Adept of the SIL Lineage, Alan Adams, to establish the group. The "Star and Cross", "Dallas Group" or "Celtic Christian Church", (one and the same) was an branch of an esoteric order called the London Group. The London Group was founded by Alan Adams (aka the author Charles Fielding) in London in the early 1970s. Adams had trained and been a senior member of Dion Fortune's Society of the Inner Light prior to setting up the London Group.

In the late 80's he began to have health problems including diabetes and this became more severe in the closing few years of the twentieth century when he became limited in what he could do by his health and suffered a stroke after Jodie passed away. Nevertheless he kept up a considerable correspondence with his colleagues and friends in the work and continued to be a focus of inspiration.

Hans died on December 3rd, 2000. A Service was held at the Unity Church, 6525 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX on December 14th, 2000 at 7PM.

Jody worked as a counselor with troubled teenagers while Hans, a graduate civil engineer with an MBA, worked in the real world as a member of corporate management in information systems; they had three sons: Peter, Jeff & Doug.

Retrospectively, if there was a trigger or point of encouragement to start R.A.M.S. then it may have been the work of Alan Leo and his Para Publishing through the Paracelesus Research Society (1960-84) that predates this project. When Para closed it may have reinforced Hans' commitment.

[Source: The Alchemy Library & ]

Page last updated: 10 June, 2009. Author: Andrew Kettle.

More Info:

An Interview with Hans Nintzel conducted in August of 1996 and January of 1997 by Joseph Caezza.

A Weekend With Hans: Alchemy the Old Fashioned Way by Mark Stavish, M.A.1995.

Exemplar - Hans Nintzel. Essentia. Volume 3 Winter 1982.

Example of Class details from:
Thelema Lodge (Ordo Templi Orientis, P.O.Box 2303, Berkeley, CA 94702 USA)
Calendar for August 1989 e.v.:

A WEEKEND OF ALCHEMY WITH HANS NINTZEL. Saturday, August 26, 1989, 9 AM to 5 PM and Sunday, August 27, 1989, 10 AM to 4PM.
At 3624 Wade St., Los Angeles, CA 90066. $100 preregistered and $125 at the door. Contact Laura Jenning (213) 390-2388. Make checks payable AIO, P.O.Box 5461, Santa Monica, CA 90405

John Reid's Course on Practical Alchemy - Dedication:
"A deep heartfelt thanks goes out to Hans W. Nintzel, who put up with incessant phone calls from me when I first got started in alchemy;"

"Theoricus Degree: Rosicrucian, masonic & alchemical script" [Edited by Hans Nintzel]. Translated from French and German by Leone Muller. 1985. 125p.

Writings by Hans Nintzel:

Parachemy. Volume V: Number 2 Spring 1977. p.434
The Hermetic Bookshelf
In Pursuit Of Gold by Lapidus
A Review by Hans W. Nintzel

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