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Medieval Alchemy

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As an historical project, this research is a list of Alchemical authors and their writings (linked where included in the R.A.M.S. Collection) until 1453: The Fall of Constantinople marking the end of the Middle Ages or Medieval Period.

ARTEPHIUS [fl. c. ~1130 - ~1150].

"The secret book"

Albertus Magnus (1193-1280)

"The Compound of Compounds"

Johannes de GARLANDIA [Hortulanus] [c.1195-c.1272].

"Compendium alchimiae"often printed under his name, was by a 14th-century writer named Martin Ortolan, or Lortholain.

FERRARIUS, also called Effararius [fl. 1200].

Tractatus chemicus excellentissimus, hactenus in principio et fine plusquam dimidia parte mutilatus,
& corruptissime sub corrupto Efferarii Monachi nomine aliquoies publicatus

Joannes de Padua (1212)

Transcription of Work. 148pp in German Script.

Roger Bacon (1220- 1292)

"Speculum alchymiae = The true glass (mirror) of alchemy"
"Frier Bacon his discovery of the miracles of Art, Nature, and magick"
"De oleo antimonii tractatus - Tract on the Tincture and Oil of Antimony" in "Potpourri Alchemia."
"Radix Mundi - The root of the world."

Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)

"Aurora consurgens", a document attributed to Thomas Aquinas on the problem of opposites in Alchemy.

Arnald of Villanova (1240-1311)

"Rosarium/Rosarius Philosophorum." Sloane Ms 2325 ff22- 39
"De secretis naturae" Sloane Ms 2327 ff2-4
"Theorica et practica" Sloane Ms 2479 ff 77-80
"Alchemical extracts" Sloane Ms 2560 (fine illustrations)
"Flos florum" Sloane Ms 3086 ff69-75
"Perfectum magisterium" Mellon Collection, Yale University Library MS. 10.

"Testamentum" Mellon Collection, Yale University Library MS. 12.
"Epistola de sanguine humano ad magistrum Iacobum de Toleto" Mellon Collection, Yale University Library MS. 14.
"Novum lumen" Mellon Collection, Yale University Library MS. 19.
"Questiones tam essentiales quam accidentales" & "Epistola ad regem aragonensem.[?]" Mellon Collection, Yale University Library MS. 34.
"De perfectione operis alkimie" Mellon Collection, Yale University Library MS. 35.
"Visio Mystica" Mellon Collection, Yale University Library MS. 41.
George Ripley's Scrowle. Paper scroll. 5855x540mm. 16th Century [c. 1570.]

"A Chymicall treatise"

Petrus Bonus of Ferrara.(1330)

"Pretiosa Margarita Novella de Thesauro, Ac Pretiosissimo Philosophorum Lapide... Collectanea ex Arnaldo, Rhaymundo... per Ianum Lacinium nunc primum edita."

Nicolas Flamel (1330-1418)

"The Figures of Abraham the Jew"
"Summary of philosophy" (1409) in "Aurifontina chymica".
"The Testament of Nicholas Flamel"

BERNARDUS TREVISANUS, Conte della Marchae di Treviso [1406-1490].

De Alchimia Liber,
Chymische Schrifften von dem gebenedeyten Stein der Weisen
"A Treatise called Verbum Dimissum" in "18 Short Tracts".

"Parable of the Fountain" in "18 Short Tracts".
" The Prefatory Epistle of Bernard, Earl of Tresne to Thomas of Bononia"
in "Aurifontina Chymica".
"The Answer of Bernardus Trevisanus, to the Epistle of Thomas of Bononia"
in "Aurifontina Chymica".

George RIPLEY [1415?-1490].

The bosome-book of Sir George Ripley
"The Compound of Alchemy" (1471)
The Epistle by George Ripley written to King Edward 4
"Liber Secretisimuss"
"Medulla Alchymiae" (The Marrow of Alchemy)
The Mistery of Alchymists
"A treatise of mercury and the Philosophers Stone" in "Aurifontina Chymica".

CHRISTOPHORUS Parisiensis [13th Cent.].

"Les oeuures de Christophle Parisien, très excellent philosophe corrigées de toutte [sic] superfluité, traduites d'Italien"
"Opera" [in Italian.]
Le Euvres de Christope parisien très excellent philosophe corrigés de toutes superfluités.
Alphabeto del Luzidario.
Summa minor [in Italian.]
Cithara [in Italian.]
Lucidarium [in Italian.]
Repertoire alphabetique de l'oeuvre secret de la philosophie hermetique

John DASTEN [14th century].

John Dastin's Dream

John of Rupescissa (1310 - 1366)

De consideratione quintæ essentiæ
Liber lucis
Liber Magisterii de confectione veri Lapidis Philosophorum
De extractione quintæ essentiæ

Michael Scot of Balwearie (1175 – c.1232)

De sole et luna