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Timeline - Original Publication Dates
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This Timeline represents the original publication years of the titles in the R.A.M.S. Digital Collection. Where the publication date is unknown the lifetime of the author is used or the century in which the work first appeared. This timeline is intended as an assistant to the study of the R.A.M.S. Digital Collection.
Acknowledgements of assistance: Alan Pritchard.

5th Century B.C.

408BC-355BC "The Six Keys of Eudoxus" by Eudoxus.

4th Century B.C.
3rd Century B.C.
2nd Century B.C.
1st Century B.C.
1st Century. A.D.
2nd Century.

C2-3. "The Golden Work of Hermes Trismegistus," Hermetis Trismegisti.

3rd Century. A.D.
4th Century. A.D.
5th Century. A.D.
6th Century. A.D.
7th Century. A.D.
8th Century. A.D.

704. "Secreta Alchemiae" by Kalid Persica (Kalid ben Jazichi).

9th Century. A.D.
10th Century. A.D.
11th Century. A.D.
12th Century. A.D.

C12, "The Turba Philosophorum."
C12. "The Secret Book." Artephius
1092 - 1167 "The Book of Abraham the Jew" Rabbi Abraham Eleazar.

13th Century. A.D.

1206-1280 "Compound of Compounds" by Albertus Magnus.
1268. "Tract on the Tincture and Oil of Antimony" by Roger Bacon.
1270. "Mirror of Alchimy" composed by Roger Bacon.
1292. "Radix Mundi" by Roger Bacon.

14th Century. A.D.
15th Century. A.D.

C15. "Liber Secretissimus" by George Ripley.
1406-1490. "Verbum Dismissum" Count Bernard Trevisan.
1471. "The Compound of Alchemy" by George Ripley. London.

1476. "Medulla Alchymiae", or "The Marrow of Alchemy" by George Ripley.
1485. "Summa Perfectionis" by Pseudo-Geber.

16th Century. A.D.

C16. "Certain Chemical Works with the True Practice," by Edward Norvell.
1582(?). "The Golden Fleece" or "The Flower of Treasures", by Solomon Trismosin.
1599. "The Book of Lamspring" by Abraham Lambspring.

17th Century. A.D.

C17. "Teipsum Corporalitur". Translated by Dr. S. Billingham.
C17. "Liber Trium Verborum of King Calid the son of Sazichi". Anonymous.
C17. "The Philosophical Cannons of Paracelsus". Anonymous.
1608. "Chemical Secrets and Experiments" by Sir Kenelm Digby Kt.
1611. "The Triumphal Chariot of Antimony" by Basilius Valentinus.
1623. "A Revelation of the Secret Spirit" by Giovanni baptista Lambi.
1625. "Aureum Seculum", Anonymous.
1641. "Treatise on Metallic and Mineral Medicines" by Quercetanus (Joseph Du Chesne).
1649. "A Discourse on Fire and Salt" by Lord Blaise of Vigenere. London.
1650. "The Art of Distillation" by John French.
1650. "Arcanum" or "The Grand Secret of Hermetick Philosophy", by Jean Espagnet.
1652. "Hollandus' Medicinal Recipes" by Johan Isaaci Hollandus.
1654. "Discourse on the Fountain of Philosophical Salt" by Solinus Saltzthal.
1657. "Sal Lumen & Spiritus Mundi Philosophici" by Lodovicus Combachius.
1657. "The Chemists Key of Henry Nollius." Published by Eugenius Philalethes, London.
1659. "The Treasure of Treasures" by Paracelsus.
1659. "The Aurora of the Philosophers" by Paracelsus.
1659. "The Mineral Work." by Johan Isaaci Hollandus.
1659. "The Hand of The Philosophers." by Johan Isaaci Hollandus.
1659. "The Stone of Urine." by Johan Isaaci Hollandus.
1659. "Opera Vegetabile", by Johan Isaaci Hollandus.
1660. "The Book Concerning the Tincture of the Philosophers" by Paracelsus.
1662. "Universal and Particular Processes", by John de Monte Snyder.
1662. "The Art of Spagyric Medicine" by John Pharamund Rhumelius.
1663 "Metamorphosis of the Planets" by John de Monte Snyder.
1665. "Some Practical Observations on May Dew" by Thomas Henshaw. London.
1668. "Philosophia Maturata Of the Stone of the Philosophers" by St. Dunstan.
1668. "Three Tracts on Medicine" by Eirenaeus Philalethes. Amsterdam.
1670."Of Antimony Vulgar" by Alexander von Suchten. London.
1671. "Of Natural & Supernatural Things" by Basilius Valentinus. London.
1672. "The Last Will and Testament of Basil Valentine". Monke of the Order of St. Bennet.
1675. "Liquor Alcahest" by J.A. Pyrophilus.
1677-1684. "Aesch-Mezareph" or "Purifying Fire." published by Knorr von Rosenroth.
1678. "The Fountain of Chymicall Philosophy." Anonymous.
1680. "Aurifontina Chymica" by John Houpreght. London.
1682. "The Holy Guide" by John Heydon.
1684. "The Quintessence of the Philosophers" by Theodorus Mundanus.
1684. "Instructions Respecting the Art of Transmuting and Ameliorating the Metals" by William Baron von Schroeder.
1687. "Der Grosse und Der Kleine Bauer (The Greater and Lesser Edifyer)" by Grasshof.
1688. Monsr. De La Brie's "Process" for accompllshing The Tincture.
1689. "The Complete Works of Rudolph Glauber" by John Rudolph Glauber.
1690. "Writings of Urbigerus" Circulatum Minus of Urbigerus, and Aphorisms of Urbigerus.
1696. "Sanguis Naturae" by Christopher Grummet.

18th Century. A.D.

1700. "Friend of the Dawn" (L'Ami de L'Aurore) by Henri de LinTaut.
1705. "Trifertes Sagani", or "Immortal Dissolvent" by Cleidophorus Mystagogus.
1718. "The Transmutation of Base Metals Into Gold and Silver" by David Beuther.
1720. "Revelation of the True Chemical Wisdom" by Friederich Gualdus.
1730. "Of Nature and Art". Anonymous.
1732. "Hyle und Coahyl" by Abtala Jurain.
1739. "Chemical Moonshine", by Johann Friedrich Fleischer.
1766. "Some Processes" of Johan Gottfried Tugel's Experimental Chymistry.
1781. "Golden Chain of Homer (Aurea Catena Homeri)" Edited by: Anton Kirchweger.
1787. "Coelum Philosophorum" or "Faithfull Directions", translated by S. Bacstrom.

19th Century. A.D.

1804. "The Great Work of the Lapis Sophorum According to Lamspring's Process." Translated by Sigismond Bacstrom.
1831. "Hermes Unveiled" by Cyliani,
1867. "Das Aceton" (The Acetone) by Dr. Christian August Becker.
1885-1916. "Arcana Divina" ( The Divine Secret ) Anonymous.

20th Century. A.D.

1916. "The Book of Formulas" by John Hazelrigg. New York.
1941. "Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored" by Archibald Cochren.
1986. "A French Alchemical Romance and Adventure" by Hans Nintzel.

N/A "The Terrestrial Heaven", Anon.