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"18 Short Tracts of Alchemy"."18 Short Tracts of Alchemy".
R.A.M.S. 1982.
180 pages.
(18TRACTS: _raw.RTF, _original.PDF)

Table of Contents:
Glory of Light. B.M. Sloane 2219. Translated by: L.F.P. (01GLORY_LIGHT)..
La Lumiere Du Chaos (Light Extracted from Chaos) par Loius Grassot. Amsterdam: 1784. Translated from the French by J.W. Hamilton-Jones. London: 1953 (02LUMIERE_CHAOS)

Bacstrom's Prologue to Zoroaster's Cave - extracts. (03PROLOGUE_ZOROASTERS).
An Easy Introduction to the Philosophers Magical Gold by: G.T. Astromagus, London, 1662.
This Epistle was written and sent by the Bretheren of the R. C. to a certain German, a copy whereof Dr Fludd obtained of a Polander of Dantzich, his friend, which he since printed (in Latin) at the end of his tract intituled Tractatic de Summum Bonom. Sloane ms 631. f 183. (05SLOANE631)
Ramon Lull's Testament. The Final Conclusion for Understanding Rayrnond Lully's Testament or Codicill and his other Books, and also the Argent-Vive on which the whole intentional Intention does Depend, which is otherwise cal]ed RAYMONDS REPERTORY OR INVENTORY. (06LULLS_TESTAMENT).
An Hundred Aphorisms containing the Whole Body of Magick. anonumous. Sloane MSS 1321. (07HUNDRED_APHORISMS).
A Treatise written by a Celebrated Philosopher, Anonymous communicated to: Dr. Johan J. Becker and translated from the German original Dr. Sig. Bacstrom. A translation of a few Sentences from different Authors quoted by Dr. Becher in his Concordantia Chymica. (08LETTER_BECKER).
Merlin. B.M. add. M.S. 15549 (09MERLIN).
To Make the Likeness of a Vegetable. Sloane MSS 633, page 166. (10LIKENESS_VEGETABLE)
The Secret Fire of the Philosophers. No Author or Date. (11SECRET_FIRE).
Extract of: The Great Work of the Lapis Philosophurum according to the Lamspring Process. (12LAPIS_SOPHORIUM).
The Practice of the Philosophers. anonymous. Written in Bacstrom's Hand. (13PRACTICE_PHILSOPHERS).
Experiments for the Preparation of the Sophick Mercury by Luna and the Antimonial Stellar Regulus of Mars for Philosopher's Stone. Written by: Eugeneous Philaletha, an Englishman and a Cosmopolite. (14SOPHICK_MERCURY).
The First Matter. No Author or Date. (15FIRST_MATTER)
Opus Philosophorum. British Museum Slone 319. (16OPUS_PHILOSOPHORUM).
A Treatise called Verbum Dimissum by Count B. Trevisan. B.M. Sloane MS 3630. Translated from the French. (17VERBUM_DEMISSUM).
Parable of the Fountain. Count B. Trevisan. B.M. Sloane MS 3641. (18PARABLE_FOUNTAIN).

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