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"AESCH MEZAREPH" or “Purifying Fire.” A Cyhmico-Kabalistic Treatise. Collected from the ‘Kabala Denudata’ of Knorr Von Rosentoth.Translated by a Lover of Philalethes, 1714. Preface, notes and explanations by "Sapere Aude". [pseud. of W. Wynn Westcott]. Collectanea Hermetica. Edited by W. Wynn Westcott, 1897, S.M. of the Soc. Rosic. in Anglia, W.M. of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge. RAMS 1991. 68 pages. [AESCH:.doc, .pdf] Updated: Jan., 2011.
Table of Contents:

Preface. p.-2
Table of Contents p.-6
A Word about RAMS p.-7
Chapter I. Elisham Naaman.
The two systems of allotting the Sephiroth to
the Alchymical principles and metals. p.1
Chapter II. Gold, its ten varieties, and the Kamea of 6. p.8
Chapter III. Silver, referred to the Ten Sephiroth; its Kamea of 9. p.20
Iron, the animal forms; its Kamea of 5. p.26
Chapter IV. Tin is related to Jupiter; its Kamea of 4. p.31
Chapter V. Brass, its Decad; its Kamea of 7, Related to Venus. p.34
Chapter VI. Lead, Chokmah; its Decad; its Kamea of 3. p.41
Ariah, the Lions, Naaman. p.46
Antimony. p.47
Chapter VII. Jarden; the river Jordan, its symbolism. p.50
Jesod, Quicksilver, the Edomite Wife, its Kamea of 8. p.50
Chapter VIII. Juneh, the Dove. p.56
Jarach, the Moon. p.57
Gophrith, Sulphur. p.58
Appendix. Some Hebrew and Chaldee terms. p.60

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