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"Aurifontina Chymica" or "A collection of 14 Small Treatises Concerning the First Matter of Philosophers"; Translated by John Houpreght. London, 1680. R.A.M.S. 1981. 96 pages. (AURIFONTINA: .doc, .pdf, .jpg) E

Table of Contents:
"Hydropyrographum Hermeticum", p.1. (01_HYDROPYROGRAPHUM).
"The Privy Seal of Secrets",
p.14. (02_PRIVY_SEAL)
The Practice. p.15

"A Letter",
" A Treatise of Mercury and the Philosophers Stone",
" Colours to be Observed in the Operation of the Great Work",
p.29. (05_COLOURS)
" Thesaurus Sive Medicina Aurea",
a plain and true description of the treasure of treasures of the golden medicine. p.30.
" Tractatus de Lapide",
For health, the use of it thus. p.37
The way to Multiply. p.39
To make stones. p.40
To make diamonds. p.41
To turn metals into quick-silver. p.41
The creation. p.41
The heavens. p.42
Fellowship. p.43
Nicholas Flammell's
" Summary of Philosophy", p.44.
" Clavicula, or Little Key of Raymond Lullie Majoricane",
p.49. (09_CLAVICULA).
Chapter One. Of the difference between Argent vive Vulgar, and Argent vive Natural. p.50
Chapter Two. The Extraction of Mercury out of the Perfect Body. p.51
Chapter Three. Of the Multiplication of our Argent vive. p.52
Chapter Four. The Property of the said Calx, or Slime. p.52
Chapter Five. Multiplication of the Calx. p.52
Chapter Six. The reduction of this calx viva, into luna. p.53
Chapter Seven. Of our great work to the white, and to the red. p.53

" Secrets Disclos'd",
p.54. (10_DISCLOSD).
" A Philosophical Riddle",
p.56. (11_RIDDLE).
" The Answer of Bernardus Trevisanus
to the Epistle of Thomas of Bononia, Physician to K. Charles the 8th.", p.57.
" The Prefatory Epistle of Bernard, Earl of Tresne
to Thomas of Bononia. May 12, 1453.", p.82. (13_PREFATORY).
" A Brief Rehearsal of the Preparation of the Philosophers Stone"
p.83. (14_REHEARSAL).

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