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"The Chemists Key of Henry Nollius." Published by Eugenius Philalethes, London, 1657. S. Bacstrom M.D. "The Chemists Key to shut and Open: As the True Doctrine of the Corruption and Generation in Ten brief Aphorisms~ illustrated with most plain and faithfull commentaries, out of the pure Light of Nature." R.A.M.S. 1977. 38 pages. (CHEMISTSKEY: .doc, .pdf, .jpg)
Table of Contents:
To the reader. p.1
The authors preface to his treatise of generation. p.10
Of the generation of natural things. p.12
I. everything generated or begotten is generated and born of his own specific seed and in his proper matrix. p.12
II. Before any perfect thing can be generated the seed must necessarily putrify and then be nourished. p.13
III. The seed putrifies when a salt of the same nature with it, dissolved in a convenient liquor, does by the assistance of a gentle heat penetrate, analyse and rarefy the substance of the seed, that the included spirit may, out of its subject matter, form a convenient habitation or body for itself, inwhich it may perform the offices of natural generation and seminal mutliplication. p.14
IV. The humour or liquor which serves for putrification must be proportionable to that body which is to be putrified. p.21
V. The heat which promotes this putrification must be so mild and temperate that the liquor in which the resolving salt lyes may remain still in and about the matter, and not be laved or evaporated from it. p.22
VI. The body putrifying must not be removed out of that matrix in which the putrifaction was begun until that which is intinded be fully perfected. p.23
VII. The more pure the matrix is, the thing generated is by so much the more perfect and sound. p.23
VIII. That matrix is only convenient and adapted to generation which permits an easy entrance to the seed. p.25
IX. Out of that body which is either corrupted or destroyed by strange or extraneous natures; or whose spermatic vessels are by some voilence maimed or cut off no seed can be had. p.26
X. That body which is preserved or sustaines by one simple kind of nutriment is far more perfect and durable and yeilds more sound and perfect seeds than that which is nourished with many different kinds of nutriment. p.26
XI. How the fountain of the wise men becomes lead. p.28
XII. How the fountain of the wise men becomes quicksilver. p.30
XIII. How our fountain becomes known or manifested to the wise men. p.32
XIV. Whether our founatin to come to its perfection stands in need of common Gold and Silver? p.33
XV. How much our fountain wants of its Gold and Silver to come to its perfection. p.36

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