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Table of Contents


"Coelum Philosophorum" or "Faithfull Directions", translated by S. Bacstrom in 1787. (1797)
[This is included in the Bacstrom Collection MS. 102, Vol. 7.]
This work is thought to have been written by John Cramer (Cremer) [Johann Andreas Cramer 1710-1777].
R.A.M.S. 1977. 115 pages.
(COELUM: .doc, .jpg)

1812. Manly Palmer Hall [P.R.S.] MS. 206.
'Communicated by an admirer of fundamental Chemical Science. S. G. Dresden and Leipzig 1739.'
[Three ink drawings of alchemical equipment.]

Not to be confused with "Coelum Philosophorum, Book of Vexations" by Paracelsus (1493-1541),
or "Coelum Philosophorum seu Secreta Naturae liber" (1544) by Phillipus Ulstadius.

Table of Contents
Preface p.i
and its principles. p.1
Gold - What it is. p.1
Mercurification of Gold p.2
Calcination of Gold. p.3
Amalgamation of the Gold Pouder with purified and prepared mercury. p.5
Glasses. p.6
Digestion of the Amalgama. p.7
Digestion continued to the red pouder. p.7
Signs and phenomena. p.8
Use of the red pouder. p.8
Precess in a particular way. p.9
Augmentation of the Sophic Gold. p.10
Second augmentation. p.11
Its use for support. p.12
process for the Great Work. p.14
To elaborate the White and Red Medicine, Via universali. p.15
Further procedure. p.17
Multiplication of the White Elixir. p.18
Process with the White Sulphur to make the Red medicine. p.19
Of Projection with the Red Stone. p.20
Multiplication. p.21
Sophic mercury. p.21
Its preparation - the Regulus Martial Regulus of Antimony stellatus. p.22
Purification of the Regulus. p.23
Further animation of the Regulus with Silver. p.24
Amalgamation of the Lunar Regulus with purified running Mercury. p.25
Distillation of the Mercury. p.27
Ultimate rectification of the Mercury. p.28
Purification of common running Mercury for the foregoing operation. p.30
A process to obtain the Sophic Gold out of the Sophic Mercury by a compendious way. p.p.31
The Sophic Gold ex Iron et Copper from mercury Duplex. p.32
Virtue of this Calx of Gold. p.33
Process wt. Gold in via humida wt. Zinc. p.34
with Martial regulus of Antimony and mercury Sublimate. p.37
To distil over the Gold Calx as an Oil. p.37
Further procedure with the Gold Oil to obtain a true potable and medicinal Gold. p.38
Its use. p.39
A particular labour with this Gold for metals. p.39
How to proceed with the Amalgama. p.40
Universal process with the same. p.41
The menstruum or Aqua regia wherein we dissolve volatilize the Gold. p.42
Its distillation. p.42
Further procedure with the Aqua regia. p.44
Our Circulatum or Alkahest. p.45
To prepare the same menstruum by a different process. p.48
OF IRON. p.49
Regulus Martial Regulus of Antimony et scorae primae. p.50
Use of these Scoriae. p.50
Use of the sublimed and subtilised Scoriae on Silver. p.51
Martial Regulus of Antimony with Mercury. p.52
Another work with Iron. p.53
Its use as a medicine. p.54
Further procedure with the corrosive Tincture of Iron. p.55
Use of this precipitate. p.56
Process with Copper in via humida. p.58
A particular labour with Copper. p.58
Operation with its Stone or Pouder. p.59
To make Vitriol of Copper. p.60
Process with the Christals of Copper. p.61
To make a running Mercury or Copper. p.62
Hepar Antimonii. p.63
Running Mercury of Antimony. p.66
2d Tincture of Antimony. p.67
3d Tincture of Antimony. p.67
4th Tincture of Antimony. p.68
Lapis Ignis Basilii Valentini explained by the Author. p.69
The composition and digestion. p.70
The making of Cinabar. p.71
Cinabar of Antimony. p.72
Corrosive. p.73
Coagulation of Mercury by means of its own internal Sulphur. p.74
A Sophic Gold is obtained. p.75
Fixation of Mercury. p.75
The Process. p.77
Multiplication in quatity. p.78
Further multiplication. p.79
Spirit and Oil of Vitriol. p.80
To make the stone out of Hungarian Vitriol. p.82
Separation of the principles in via humida. p.84
Composition. p.85
Remarks on the process. p.86
Spirit of Sal Armoniac its virtue as a medicine. p.89
Its use for metals. p.89
Menstruum for the solution of Gold: proceeding from Sal Armoniac, Niter and Butter of Antimony. p.90
and the Circulatum Minus of Paracelsus. p.92
Process upon Silver - Calx Silver ae. p.94
Amalgamation with Mercury. p.94
Purification of the Salt used in this process. p.95
A process on Silver for the stone. p.96
Multiplication in quantity and quality. p.100
Reasoning of the Author. p.101
Experiment upon Silver. p.102
Another mode of procedure. p.103
Process upon Silver in via humida. p.104
Further procedure. p.105
Another process upon Silver. p.105
The Last process upon Silver. p.106
Composition. p.109
Multiplication. p.110
An experiment on Copper. p.110
Characters (symbol table). p.112
Excerpts from Paracelsus. p.113

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