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"Compound of Compounds" by Albertus Magnus. Translated from the French by Lynn Bacarella. [6 Chapters] R.A.M.S. 1977. 30 pages. (COMPOUNDCOMPOUNDS: .doc, .pdf, .jpg)
Table of Contents:
Preface p.2.
Chapter I
Of The Formation of The Metals Generally from The Sulfur and The Mercury p.3.
The Sulphur Contains Three Humid Principles p.4.
Of The Nature of The Mercury p.5.
Of The Arsenick p.6.
Chapter II
Of The Putrefaction p.11.
Chapter III
Of The Regimen of The Stone p.12.
Chapter IV
Of The Sublimation of The Mercury p.14.
Second Water Prepared by Way Of Sal Ammoniac p.14.
Chapter V
Of The Preparation of The Waters from which You will Derive The Water of Life p.16.
Fourth Water which Reduces The Calcined Bodies To Their First Matters p.17.
Chapter VI
Properties of This Mercury p.20.
Multiplication of The Philosophical Mercury p.20.

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