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"Diverse Alchemical Tracts". R.A.M.S. 1982. 62 pages. (DIVERSETRACTS: .doc, .pdf, .jpg)
Table of Contents.
Some Practical Observations on May Dew. From the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (British Museum MSS. Sloane 698.) p.1
A diary and practice given by Mr, Oughtred to Mr. Thomas henshaw, from whose MSS. I copied it. June 6th. 1668. p.3
The diary. p.7

Extracts from Sal Lumen& Spiritus Mundi Philosophici, or the Dawning of the Day Discovered by the Beams of Light Shewing the True Salt and Secret of the Philosophers, The First and Universal Spirit of the World. By Lodovicus Combachius. 1657. p.11
Teipsum Corporalitur. Translated by Dr. S. Billingham; (17th. century) B. M. Sloane 633. p.20
The commentator upon Helbiguis. p.28

Aureum Seculum, Menstrum Universali Et Materia Chaotica. Translated from a German author anonimous. p. 34
Chapter 1. p.35
Chapter 2. Of nature and of Motion. p.36
Chapter 3. Of light. p.37

The Fountain of Chemical Philosophy by Eyrenaeus Philalethes. p.40

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