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Table of Contents


"The Book of Formulas" by John Hazelrigg, F.H.S. Author of "Metaphysical Astrology”, “The Sun Book” etc. New York. MCMIV. R.A.M.S. 1977. 48 pages. (FORMULAS: .doc, .pdf, .jpg)
Table of Contents:
Preface. p.i
Menstruums. p.iii
To purify Vitriol. p.1
Common Aqua Fortis. p.1
Aqua Regia. p.2
Of Sal Saltpetre. p.2
Of Common Salt. p.3
Of Tartar. p.5
Of Vitriol. p.6
Of Urine. p.7
Of Acetum. p.8
Of SV. p.9
Seven Universal Medicines of the Ancients. p.11
(1) Aurum Potabile. p.11
(2) Tinctura Auri. p.13
(3) Precipitatus Aureus. p.14
(4) Aurum Vitae. p.14
(5) Hercules Bovii. p.15
(6) Manna Mercurii. p.16
(7) Bezoartum Solare. p.16
Choice Spagyric Preparations. p.18
The Vulerary of Vitriol. p.18
The Star of Mercury. p.18
The Albion Powder. p.19
To Volatize Sol. p.19
The Anodyne Magistery or Sulphur of Vitriol. p.19
Magistery of Vitriol. p.20
Oil of the Sulphur of Vitriol. p.20
Essence of the Sulphur of Vitriol. p.21
The Ens or being of Venus. p.21
The Famous Elixir of Life. p.22
The Philosopher's Water. p.22
Argentum Potabile. p.23
Spirit of Luna. p.23
Oil of Cinnamon. p.24
Elixir of Property. p.24
Oil of Sulphur. p.25
Elixir of Subtility. p.26
The Great Essence. p.26
Magistery of Urine. p.27
Magistery of Salt. p.27
Liquor Alkahest. p.28
All-Heal of Paracelsus. p.29
Spirit of Five Things. p.29
The Mercurial Eagle. p.30
Elixir of Vitriol. p.30
Philosophic Spirit of Salt. p.30
Oil of Sol. p.31
The Silver Hell-stone. p.31
Magistery of Mars. p.32
Magistery of Mars (vitriolated). p.32
Water and Oil of Tartar. p.32
Electrum, or Golden Elixir of Antimony. p.33
Water against Cankers. p.33

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