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"Friend of the Dawn" (L'Ami de L'Aurore) by Henri de LinTaut, circa 1700. Translator: Wilson Wheatcroft, India, 1982. It was published in the 17th Century from a badly damaged, hand written manuscript by Lintaut. It was later republished in 1978 in old (or Medaeval) French. The original printing is listed in the Arsenal Library under No. 3020. R.A.M.S. 1982. 50 pages. (FRIENDDAWN: .doc, .pdf, .jpg)
Table of Contents:
How to Make The Philosopher's Stone Using Animated Metallic Mercury and Sun or Moon p.3.
Theory p.4.
L’AMI de L’AURORE p.5.
Animation Procedure p.7.
Making The Rebis for Putrifaction p.9.
Fermentation p.9.
On Putrifaction p.12.
Timing in The Work p.15.
The Four Degrees of Heat p.16.
Further Details on The Red and White Stones p.18.
On the Red Stone p.18.
On Multiplication p.19.
Method for Virtue p.19.
Method for Quantity p.22.
Augmentation p.23.
On White Powder Multiplication p.25.
On Inceration p.25.
Methods p.29.
Appenix I: Purification of Mercury Metal p.35.
Distillation p.38.
Signs of Physically Purified Mercury p.41.
Appendix II: Animation of Mercury Metal p.43.
Making Cinnabar p.46.
Martial Regulus & Silver Method of Animation p.49.

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