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"The Golden Fleece" or "The Flower of Treasures", by that great Philosopher Solomon Trismosin, Master to Paracelsus. "In which is succintly and methodically handled, the Stone of the Philosophers, his excellent effect & admirable Virtues, and the better to attain to the Original & true means of Perfection". R.A.M.S. 1982. 88 pages. (GOLDENFLEECE: .doc, .pdf, .jpg)
Table of Contents:
Preface. p.2
The Golden Fleece. Of the original of the stone of the sages & how it may be brought to Perfection. p.9
The second treatise. Representing the work of the philosophers by two figures. p.13
The Third Treatise. p.17
Another similitude. p.20
The third similitude. p.23
The fourth similitude. p.25
The fifth similitude. p.28
The sixth similitude. p.29
The seventh similitude. p.31
The Fourth Treatise. p.31
the Fifth Treatise. p.39
The first article. p.39
The second article. p.41
The third article. p.42
The fourth article. p.44
Of the order and regiment of the Fire. p.46
Of the colours successively appearing in the preparation of the stone. p.51
The Sixth Treatise. p.57
The disposition of the whole work and the preparation of the stone. p.57
The riddle. p.62
Of the diverse operations, the various names, frequent in the discourse of this art. p.64
The admirable virtues and more than humane power of this noble tincture, briefly and prespicuously declared in this our instruction. p.75
A discovery of the marvelous effects of the true medicine of the philosophers reduced into four special and remarkable points. p.79
The Conclusion. p.82

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