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"Der Grosse und Der Kleine Bauer (The Greater and Lesser Edifyer)" by Grasshof. Translated by Robert Firmage. "Aperta Arca Arcani artificiossimi" or "The Revealed and Open Chest of the Greatest of All Most Articial Secret of Nature of The Greater and Lesser Edifyer Together with the Proper and True Physica Naturali Rotunda. Described comprehensively through a Visionem Chymicam Qabalisticam." Hamburg and Stockholm. 1687. RAMS 1984. 150 pages. (GROSSEKLEINE: .doc, .pdf, .jpg)
Table of Contents:
Preface. For the Christian reader: God's Grace to you. p.1
The Open Chest of the Greatest Secrets of Nature. Beginning with the Greater Edifyer (or: Farmer).
Prosperity from Him who is the beginning and the end. p.5
The Second Part. (The Lesser Edifyer). p.46
Second Section (of the Lesser Edifyer). p.61
Third Part. p.76
Fourth Part. p.125
Preface to the Favored reader. p.125
The First Chapter p.127
The Second Chapter. p.128
The Third Chapter. p.129
The Fourth Chapter. p.131
The Fifth Chapter. p.135
Fifth Part.
The First. p.141
The Second Response. p.146

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