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"Hermes" Hermetis Trismegisti Tractatus Aureus. The Golden Work of Hermes Trismegistus, Translated out of Hebrew into Arabick, then into Greek, afterwards into Latin; and now done out of Latin into English, Claused and largely Commented upon by William Salmon, Professor of Physick. 1692. [21 Chapters]. RAMS pre-1981. 151 pages. (HERMES: .doc, .pdf, .jpg)
Table of Contents:
Chapter I. The Preface explicating, in part, The Prima Materia. p.1
Chapter II. The First Exposition of The Matter. p.8
Chapter III. The Names and First Operation Explicated. p.18
Chapter IV. A Continuation of the Explication of the First Operation. p.22
Chapter V. A Dialogue between Hermes and his son. p.30
Chapter VI. The Several operations by, and various matters of, which The Stone is composed. p.40
Chapter VII. The Operations of Nature in the Aqua Philosophica, as in a Seed. p.50
Chapter VIII. The Philosophick Riddle laid down after a new manner. p.63
Chapter IX. The Last Act, or conclusion of the Theory of the Philosophick Tincture. p.69
Chapter X. The practical part of the Philosophick Work. p.78
Chapter XI. The practical part farther explicated. p.87
Chapter XII. The Praxis exemplified from the nature of Leven and Paste. p.97
Chapter XIII. The NAture of the Ferment farther explicated. p.106
Chapter XIV. The Smaragdine Table of Hermes. p.114
Chapter XV. The Enterence into the Work, beginning with Argent Vive. p.128
Chapter XVI. The NAture of the Medicine, and Government of the Metals. p.130
Chapter XVII. The Difference of the Ferments, and Quality of the Spirit. p.133
Chapter XVIII. Or Argent Vive, Tincture, Order of the Operation, and of The Fire. p.136
Chapter XIX. That the Beginning of this Work is in the Blackness and Darkness;
and of Conjoyning the Body with the Soul. p.140
Chapter XX. The Order of the Practical Part of the Operation. p.143
Chapter XXI. The Remaining Operations, and Conclusion of this whole Work. p.147

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