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"The Holy Guide" by John Heydon b.1629, "Leading the Way to The Wonder of The World" Part 1 of 2. London 1662. R.A.M.S. 1983. 264 pages in this Part 1. (HOLYGUIDEP1: .doc, .pdf, .jpg) E
Table of Contents:
The Holy Guide: Leading the Way to The Wonder of The World. p.1
To the truly Noble Sr. Richard Temple, Baronet, etc. p.2
The Preface. p.7
To the Reader p.76
To his Esteemed friend Mr. John Neydon, on his Holy Guide. p.80
To the Reader on the behalf od my much honoured friend the author Mr. John Heydon. p.82
To his Inegnious friend Mr. John Heydon, on his book intetled The Holy Guide. p.86
To the most excellent philosopher and lawyer Mr. John Heydon, upon the Holy Guide. p.88
A Chymical Dictionary, or, An explanation of the hard words and terms of Art
which are used in the Holy Guide. p.89
Rules to be considered in Rosie Crucian Medicines. p.97
The Holy Guide: Leading the way to Unite Art and Nature. p.102
Chapter 1. Of God, Art and Nature. p.103
Chapter 2. All Objections cast against the Rosie Crucian Medicines Answered,
and the truth made manifest. p.112
To the truly naoble by all titles, Sir Ralph Freeman, Baronet, etc. p.130
The Holy Guide: Leading the Way to The Wonder of The World. p.1
Chapter I. p.1
Chapter II. p.5
Chapter III. The Number of Happiness. p.9
Chapter IV. This Number Unites Arts and Nature. p.15
Chapter V. The Number of Long LIfe. p.19
Chapter VI. The Number of Nature and Health. p.25
Chapter VII. The Number of Youth. p.37
Chapter VIII. The Number of Riches. p.41
Chapter IX. The Number of Virtue. p.47
Chapter X. The Number of Wisdom. p.61
Chapter XI. The Number of Changing Bodies. p.66
Chapter XII. The Number of Medicines. p.70
Chapter XIII. The Number of preparations of Gold. p.77
Chapter XIV. The Number of knowledge, of dissolving Gold, & etc. p.88
Chapter XV. Of what Angels appear by the virtue and power of Numbers above twelve. p.99
Chapter XVI. Of Kings, Lords, or other people that fight, or go to Law one against another,
which shall have the Victory. p.103
Chapter XVII. The Resolutions of all manner of QUESTIONS,
and how by these Numbers you may be happy, etc. p.114

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