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"The Holy Guide" by John Heydon b.1629, "Holy Guide Leading the Way to Long Life, Health, Youth, Blessedness, Wisdom and Virtue." London. 1662. R.A.M.S. 1983. Part 2 of 2. 434 pages. (HOLYGUIDEP2: .doc, .pdf, .jpg) E
Table of Contents:
The Holy Guide: Leading the Way to Long Life, Health, Youth, Blessedness, Wisdom and Virtue. p.129
To the Truly Noble by All Titles, sir John Hanmer, Barronet. p.130
Chapter I. The Way to Long Life. p.133
Chapter I. p.170
Chapter II. p.174
Chapter III. p.178
Chapter IV. p.182
Chapter VI. p.186

Chapter VIII. p.203
Chapter IX. p.206
Chapter X. p.211
Chapter XII. p.215
Chapter XIII. p.219
Chapter XIV. p.223
Chapter XV. p.233
Chapter XVI. p.240
Chapter XVII. p.248
Chapter XVII. The Way to Wax Young. p.255
Chapter XVIII. p.277
Chapter XIX. The two guards of safety, wisdom and virtue, to the soul and body. p.298
The Holy-Guide: Leading the Way to The Golden Treasures of Nature. p. 319
To my honoured friend Mr. Robert Richardson. p.320
Book IV.
Chapter I. How to Change, alter, cure and amend the State of Mans Body, when nature makes it deformed. p.322
Chapter II. Hermes and Paracelsus Medicines. p.336
Chapter III. The Rosie Crucian Medicines. p.349
Chapter IV. What the Pantarva is: The True matter in Nature and Art: The manner of working:
Canonically and orderly made manifest in this book. p.369
The Holy Guide: Leading the Way to the Wonder of the World. p.382
To the Learned Jeremiah Mount, Esq; p.383
Book V.
Chapter I. p.386
Chapter II. p.405
Chapter III. p.426
Chapter IV. p.439
Chapter V. p.449
Chapter VI. p.458
Chapter VII. p.469
Chapter VIII. p.474
Chapter IX. p.486
The Rosie Cross Uncovered. p.501
To my much honoured friend, Thomas Temple and Christopher Rodd. p.502
An Apologue for an Epilogue. p.503
The Sixth Book. p.507
The Rosie Crucian Prayer to God. p.534
An Index. p.537

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