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"Hyle und Coahyl" by Abtala Jurain, filii Jacob Juran from the Ethiopian translated into Latin - and from Latin translated into the German by Dr. Johann Elias Muller, and from the German in 1983 by Leone Muller. 1732. R.A.M.S. 1983. 72 pages. (HYLEYNDCOAHYL: .doc, .pdf, .jpg)
Table of Contents:
E'n Atoapeia the Kapaiae. p.1
Manna. The bread of Heaven. preface. p.13
Chapter I Chaos. p.16
Chapter II. For Health. Directions for its Use. p.24
Chapter III. Multiplication. How the Multiplication has to be made. p.28
Chapter IV. How to make precious stones. Diamonds and other white stones. p.32
Chapter V. Carbuncies, Rubies and other stones. p.32
Chapter VI. How to make pearls. p.33
Chapter VII. How to turn metals into quicksilver. p.33
Chapter VIII. Creation. p.35
Chapter IX. The Heavens. p.37
Chapter X. Society. p.37
Process. Out of the GUR. p.40
Praxis. p.44
Projectio. p.47
Abbreviato. p.50
Annotatio. p.54
Arcanum Arcanorum. p.57
Testing this Sal comm. p.62
Arcanum Physicum. p.65

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