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"The Light of Life or The Mastery of Death" by Delmar De Forest Bryant."The Light of Life or The Mastery of Death" by Delmar De Forest Bryant. The Inspiration of Rame Vidello.  The Sun Center Publishing co, Boston, Mass. 1911. Photocopy. RAMS Distributed.
90 pages.
(ADIRAMLED / Light_Life). #.
[RAMS ORIGINAL: 90 pages, US$10.80*]

Table of Contents:
Preface. p.6
I. What is Life? p.8
II. The Lost Word. p.12
III. The Origin of Gods. p.14
IV. The Creative Principle. p.18
V. The Phantasy of Death. p.20
VI. The Garden of the Gods. p.24
VII. The Tree of Life. p.26
VIII. Marriage and Divorce. p.28
IX. The Rationale of Regeneration. p.34
X. The New and Living Way. p.37
XI. The Mystery of the Christ and the Church. p.41
XII. The Stone the Builders Rejected. p.43
XIII. The Changing of Water into Wine. p.45
XIV. The Water of Regeneration. p.47
XV. The Meaning of Baptism. p.50
XVI. The Secret of the Seed. p.52
XVII. The Serpent and the Devil. p.60
XVIII. The Gold Fish. p.62
XIX. Luz, the Resurrection Bone. p.64
XX. The Food of Regeneration. p.67
XXI. The Sun-Clothed Woman. p.70
XXII. The beast and Its Image. p.76
XXIII. Sin and its Remedy. p.80
XXIV. The Saintly Image. p.82
XXV. The Unborn Souls. p.84
XXVI. The Prayer that Prevails. p.86
XXVII. The Future of the Regenerate Race. p.88

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