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"Medulla Alchymiae", or "The Marrow of Alchemy". Written in Latin by George Ripley, Canon of Bridlington, which he sent out of Italy anno 1476. To the Arch-Bishop of York. Translated into English by William Salmon, Professor of Physick. 79 pages. (MEDULLA: .doc, .pdf, .jpg)
Table of Contents:
Chapter LXI. The preface to the Arch-Bishop of York. p.1
Chapter LXII. A Farther Discourse of the Philosophers Mercury. p.7
Chapter LXIII. Of the Mineral Stone, and Philosophick Fires. p.13
Chapter LXIV. The manner of Elixiration with the Fire against nature. p.19
Chapter LXV. The Practice with the said Compounded Water, upon the Calx of the body dissolved. p.24
Chapter LXVI. Another way of elixirating Gold by the Fire against Nature. p.31
Chapter LXVII. Two other Mineral Elixirs, or two other processes of Mercury. p.35
Chapter LXVIII. The second of the former Elixirs, with Mercury and the body Alchymick. p.39
Chapter LXIX. Of the Vegetable Stone. p.42
Chapter LXX. The remaining process of the vegetable stone. p.50
Chapter LXXI. Of the Animal Stone. p.55
Chapter LXXII. The reserved secret explicated. p.59
Chapter LXXIII. Ripley's philosophical axoims out of the theatrum chymicum. p.63

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