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"The Writings of Johan Isaaci Hollandus. The Mineral Work." Translated from German. R.A.M.S. 1980. 126 pages. (MINERAL: .doc, .pdf, .jpg)
Table of Contents:
Preface of the Translator

The Mineral Work
Chapter 1 p.1
Chapter 2 p.2
Chapter 3 p.2
Chapter 4 p.4
Chapter 5 p.4
Chapter 6.
How to Prepafe Silver for the Stone, and Its Food p.5
Chapter 7.
The Purification of Sulphur p.7
Another Purification of Sulphur p.7
Chapter 8.
The purification of Mercurius p.8
Chapter 9.
The Purification of Sal Ammoniac p.9
Chapter 10
Dissolving Water of the Philosophers p.9
Chapter 11.
Another Work with these Three Spirits p.10
Chapter 12.
Model of the Secret Furnace. No.3 p.13
Chapter 13.
The Cementing Furnace. No.9 p17
Chapter 14.
Aqua Fort and Aqua Regis for the Solution of Gold and Silver. p17
Chapter 15. p.19
Chapter 16. p.21
Chapter 17.
The Construction of the Putrefaction Furnace. p.22
Chapter 18. p.24
Chapter 19. p.25
Chapter 20.
Setting up the Digestive Furnace. p.25
Chapter 21. p.27
Chapter 22. p.29
Chapter 23.
How to add the Spirits and to Prepare the Elixir thereof,
which is the Most Precious Treature in theis World. p.30
Chapter 24.
How to Make the Great Elixir from the Aforementioned Medicine. p.31
Chapter 25.
How Now to Join to it the Q.Ess. of Gold or Silver. p33.
Chapter 26.
The Preparation of All the Things we need for the Said Work. p.34
Chapter 27.
How to Prepare the Matter with which Gold is Cemented. p.35
Chapter 28.
Sublimatic of the Quicksilver for the Red. p35.
Chapter 29.
How ro Draw Out All Tinctures. p.37
Chapter 30. p.38
Chapter 31.
Sublimatio Mercurii to the White (The Sublimation of Mercury to the White). p.40
Chapter 32.
How to Draw the Quintessence from Gold, Silver and other Bodies. p.41
Chapter 33. p.42
Chapter 34. p.45
Chapter 35.
How to Make Silver Calx (or Silver Chalk). p.46
Chapter 36.
The First Question. p.47
Chapter 37.
The Second Question. p.48
Chapter 38.
The Third Question. p.48
Chapter 39. p.48
Chapter 40.
The Fifth Question. p.49
Chapter 41.
The Sixth Question. p.51
Chapter 42
The First Work. p.52
Chapter 43.
The Second Work. p.52
Chapter 44.
The Third Work. p.53
Chapter 45.
The Fourth Work. p.54
Chapter 46.
The Fifth Work, to Sublimate to the Red from Sun and Mercury p.56
Chapter 47.
The Sixth Work. p.57
Chapter 48.
The Seventh Work. p.57
Chapter 49.
The Eighth Work. p.61
Chapter 50.
The Ninth Work of the Quinta Essentia Lunae. p.61.
Chapter 51. p.65
Chapter 52.
The Tenth Work - Aqua Philosophorum for the White. p.65
Chapter 53.
The Eleventh Work. p.68
Chapter 54.
The Twelfth Work. p.68
Chapter 55.
The Thirteenth Work. p.70
Chapter 56.
The Fourteenth Work. p.72
Chapter 57.
The Fifteenth Work. p.74
Chapter 58.
The Sixteenth Work. p.75
Chapter 59.
The Seventeenth Work. How to make an Elixir from 2007 and 1111. p.76
Chapter 60.
The Eigteenth Work. About Two Waters p.77
Chapter 61. p.78
Chapter 62. p.80
Chapter 63.
The Nineteenth Work Concerning Mercury. p.80
Chapter 64. p.82
Chapter 65. p.84
Chapter 66. p.85
Chapter 67. p.85
Chapter 68. p.86
Chapter 69. p.88
Chapter 70. p.90
Chapter 71. p.91
Chapter 72. p.93
Chapter 73. p.96
Chapter 74.
The Preparation of the Ferment p.96
Chapter 75. p.97
Chapter 76.
The Twentieth Work. p.98
Chapter 77.
The Figure of the Fixing-Glass - No.24 p.101
Chapter 78.
The Twenty-First Work. p.104
Chapter 79. p.105
Chapter 80. p.106
Chapter 81. p.107
Chapter 82.
The Twenty-Second Work.
How to Make Gold from * and the Red Philosophical Water p.107
Chapter 83. p.109
Chapter 84. p.110
Chapter 85.
The Twenty-Third Work of Sun and Mercury. p.112
Chapter 86.
The Twenty-Fourth Work of Arsenicum. p.114
Chapter 87. p.115
Chapter 88.
The Twenty-Fifth and Last Work of the Sulphur. p.116
Chapter 89. p.119

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