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"Three Tracts of the Great Medicine of the Philosophers for Humane and Metalline Bodies.""Three Tracts of the Great Medicine of the Philosophers for Humane and Metalline Bodies."
I. Intituled, Ars Metallorum Metamorphoses, (Metamorphosis of Metals),
II. Brevis Manuductio ad Rubinum Coelestem (Brief Guide to the Celestial Ruby),
III. Fons Chymical Philosophiae (Fount of Chemical Truth).
All written in Latin by Eirenaeus Philalethes Cosmopolita.
Translated into English for the Benefit of the Studious,
By a Lover of Art and Them. London.
Printed and Sold by T. Sowle at the Crooked-Billet in Holy-Well-Lane, Shoreditch. Anno: 1694.
R.A.M.S. 1990.
106 pages.
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Table of Contents:
The Publisher's Preface to the Reader. p.4
Esteemed Friend. p.7
Tract The First. The Art of the Transmutation of METALS.
Chapter I. Concerning the Authority of the Art, Its Professors, and the way of searching out the Secret. p.15
Chapter II. TRANSMUTATION OF METALS. Of the Beginning of the Art, its Writers and its Foundation, in which it is treated of the Metallick Principles and the Gradual Production of Metals and Minerals. p.29
Chapter III. Of Gold and Silver, How they come of Mercurial Matter, and of the Possibility of Changing Imperfect Metals, to the Prefection of These. p.38:
Chapter IV. Concerning the Seed of Gold;also the Question answered whether other metals have seed. p.41
Chapter V. Concerning the Virtue of the Seed of Gold, and in what it is immediately included. p.44
Chapter VI. Of the Manner and Means of Extracting this Seed. p.48
Chapter VII. Of the First Philosophical Agent, or Matrix, into which our seed is to be emitted and into which it is ripened. p.50
Chapter VIII. Of the genealogy of the Philosophical Mercury, its rise, birth and distinguishing signs that go before and accompany it. p.53
Tract the Second. A Short Manuduction to the Celestial Ruby.
Of the Philosophical Stone, and the Secret thereof. p.57
Of Calcination. p.71
Converning Solution. p.86
Tract the Third. The Fountain of Chemical Philosophy. p.87
The First Gate. Concerning Philosophical Calcination. Not printed in the Dutch Edition. p.105

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