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"The Writings of Johan Isaaci Hollandus. The Hand of The Philosophers." Translated from German. R.A.M.S. 1980.42 pages. (PHILOSOPHERSHAND: .doc, .pdf, .jpg)
Table of Contents:
Preface of the Translator p.122
1. The Thumb. p.130
2. The Index. p.131
3. The Middle Finger. p.131
4. The Ring Finger. p.131
5. The little Finger. p.131
6. The Middle of the Hand. p.132
7. The Palm. p.132
The Prepration of Saltpetre p.132
This is the Manual Work done with the Crown or Saltpetre. p.133
Preparation of Vitriol. p.137
An Art of Arts.
How to extract Quintan Essentian from * or the Philosophers' Stone from the Hand. p.137
The Preparation of the Sun or, Salis Ammoniaci. p.139
Sal Ammonicum, or the Philosophers' Sun. p.140
Preparation of Alum, or Water of the Lantern. p.141
Additional Manual Work with Alum, or the Lantern of the Philosophers. p.142
Preparation of Common Salt, or the Key. p.145
Additional Manual Work with the Salt or Key of the Hand. p.146
How to turn All Metals into Water. p.150
The Nature and Power of Mercury, The Fish of the Hand, and Soul the Fire. p.151

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