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"The Hellish Goddess Proserpina with Elias the Artist: and also Of the Secret Fire of the Philosophers" from the Complete Works of Rudolph Glauber. Translated by Chris Packe. R.A.M.S. 1983.
24 pages. (PROSERPINA: .doc, .pdf)

Table of Contents:
A Short Exposition upon the Hellish Goddess Proserpina,. p.1
Now followeth the true, and often practised Process, how to transmute Silver by degrees, without any loss, totally into the highest perfection, that is to say, into good Gold abiding all Tryals. p.5
Now follows the Fundamental process, how to make good Gold out of Silver, with profit, and how to Separate, after a particular manner, good Gold and Silver, out of Iron, Copper, Tin and Lead. p.12
Now followeth the easie Coagulation of our Red Oil of Mars and Antimony, into a Red, Sweet, and Fluxible Stone. p.23
The Process. p.27

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