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"Selected Chemical Universal and Particular Processes," which Baron Von RUESENSTEIN Learned on His two Journeys with six Adepts: Gualdo, Schulz, Fauermann, Koller, Fornegg and Monte Schider. Frankfurt and Leipzig, (Peter Conrad Monath) 1754. "Selected Chemical Universal and Particular Processes,"
which Baron Von RUESENSTEIN Learned on His two Journeys with six Adepts: Gualdo, Schulz, Fauermann, Koller, Fornegg and Monte Schider. Frankfurt and Leipzig, (Peter Conrad Monath) 1754.
And now translated from the German: 1988.
R.A.M.S. 1989.
136 pages.
(RUESENSTEIN: _original.PDF)

Table of Contents:
Foreward. p.3
From the Manuscripts of Alexius, Baron of Ruesenstein. Extract from the First Part. His Own Process. p.7
Another Method of Doing the Same Thing. p.8
Schulz's Process. p.9
Ruesenstein's Process, Learned from His Father. p.11
This Belongs to Schulz's Process. p.12
Ruesenstein's oleum Vitrioli, to be included in the above Process. p.12
A certain Burgher's Own Procedure. p.13
A True Particular. p.14
There now follow an Explanation of the Coats of Arms which are to be Found in a Church in Labach, where the Art is hidden and can be Learned. p.15
A Process also found among Herr Baron Von Ruesenstein's Writings, which is said to come from an Abbey. p.16
How to make the Red Elixir. p.19
On the Elixir;s Great Virtues in Illness and the Maintenance of Good Health. p.20
Tinctura Ex Sulphur Solis, or Sun-Dust. p.20
UNiversale Guslde ex Stercore & Urina Aalium Iron & Gold & Mercury. p.21
Menstruum ad Tincturam ex Mari. p.23
Particulare cum Augmento Peretuo ex Virtiolo. p.25
Particularis Tinctura ex Arsenic. p.26
Another One of Ruesenstein's. p.26
Schulz tells Another. p.27
Another One. p.27
Another, told by Gualdus. p.28
Particulare cum Arsenic ad Copper in Silver. p.28
Extract from two little books which the 5 Adepts gave to Baron von Ruesenstein. p.30
A true Fixatio Mercurii and Transmutatio Copper in Lunam. p.32
Gradatio Lunae Fixae. p.32
There now follows a description of Ruesenstein's Portrait. p.34
Now Ruesenstein tells how the five Adepts came to him and what sort of conversations they had together. p.35
The Author's Tale continues. How he went to Salzburg and Vienna with the 5 Adepts, and how finally, he came home with them again. p.50
Another one told by a Silver Miner. p.52
Another Particular. p.76
Fauermann's Conversation about the Lapis or Tincture. p.77
The Preparation of the Best and Finest Menstruui made from the Shower or Rainwater from a Thunderstorm. p.78
A Tincture from Chaos. p.79
Ruesenstein's Chaos. p.82
A Compendium of Various Wonderful conversations these 6 Adepts had about Alchemy over a period of eight days. p.84
The Work with Mercurio. p.84
A Particular Collei ex min. Solis & Menstruo. p.85
Process using Mercury. p.86
A Farmer's Universal using the Minera Lead. p.88
Another particular of this Farmer. p.90
Philaletha's Particular made of mercury and Sulphur. p.90
A Particular Philalethae. p.93
Another Particular. p.96
Monte Schider's Particular ex Vitriol Albo. p.97
Another Particular ex Eodem. p.98
A Brief Particular. p.99
A Particular cum Spiritu Mercurii. p.100
particulare ex oleum Feu Spiritu Mercurii. p.100
A Quick Tincture cum Mentruo ex water Pluv. Tonitr. & Grandine. p.104
A Particular ex Antimony & Lumbricis una gutta ad 1 Pound mercury vel lead, which Ruesenstein was sent in a letter. p.105
Arcanum ad Gold putas, ex Urine & Gold. p.106
Oleum Vitriol, 3 drops in all circumstances. p.106
Particulare ex Antimony & min. Solis cum menstruo ex Stercore humano. p.107
Compendium referring to the Chemical processes described until now. p.108
Universal Tincture ex Terra Cemetern. p.108
Tincture made from the Philosophical water or May dew. p.110
Tincture ex Terra Philos. p.112
Tinctura Gualdi. p.114
Tinctura ex Stercore Humano. p.115
Another Tincture, p,117
Particulare ex Copper, Iron & Gold. p.118
Particular ex Mercury triturando. p.120
Another particular. p.121
Another Work. p.122
Another Particular. p.123
A Particular or refining Powder. p.124
How the metals are prepared for these works. p.124
Extract from the Conversations of Baron von Ruesenstein and the Adepts on another Journey. p.125
The Round Root, a Universal medicine. p.125
The Tincture for 14 Parts. p.125
A Particulae: One Part for 8 parts. p.126
Menstruum ex Vegetabilibus & Stercoribus. p.128
One of Gualdus's particulars. p.129
Tinctura Univasalis. p.130
Universale ex Water maris Nostri of Herr Fornegg. p.131
The best universal method ex Water & Terra. p.132
Oil of Vitriol, which also belings to Ruesenstein's process. p.133
Particulae 1 Lot ad 8 Lot silver in Gold ex Mercury, Iron, Sulphur and Gold. p.134
A Tincture ex Salivae menstruo. p.135
The preparation of Salt from the Earth dug up by Moles. p.135

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