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"Sanguis Naturae" by Christoph Brummet. Or, "A Manifest Declaration
of the Sanguine and Solar Congealed Liquor of Nature." Londin 1696. British Musuem MS Slone no. 2037
R.A.M.S. 1981. 91 pages. (SANGUISNATURAE: .doc, .pdf, .jpg) E
Table of Contents:
To the Courteous Reader. p.2
Chapter I. p.2
Chapter II. p.3
Chapter III. p.9
Chapter IV. p.17
Praxis. p.21
Chapter V. p.23
Chapter VI. p.26
Chapter VII. p.30
Chapter VIII. p.33
Chapter IX. p.35
Book II
Chapter I. p.38
The First Praxis. p.39
The Second Praxis with Calx Vive. p.41
The Third Praxis, of Vitriolate tartar. p.42
The Fourth Praxis of the Vitriol of Venus. p.43
The Fifth Praxis of the Salt of Saturn. p.44
The Sixth Praxis. p.45
The Seventh Praxis. p.46
The Praxis of the Glorious Mercury. p.46
The Eigth Praxis of Sugar. p.47
The Ninth Praxis. p.48
Chapter II. p.49
The First Praxis of Mercury. p.50
The Second Praxis of Mars. p.53
The Third Praxis of the Fixed Body. p. 54
The Fourth Praxis of the Green Lyon. p.55
The Fifth Praxis of the glorious Earth. p.56
The Sixth Praxis. p.56
The Seventh Praxis of Cinnabar. p.57
The Eigth Praxis. p.58
Temperate Water. p.59
The Use of the Temperate Water. p.59
The Third Book. p.2
N.N.N. of Lullius. p.18
The Quintessence of the Vlood of Nature or the book called Sanguis Naturae, purged from All Superfluities of Words, that it is became Intelligible by Every Diligent Enquirer. p.21

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