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"A Revelation of the Secret Spirit" by Giovanni baptista Lambi. Declaring the most concealed secret of ALCHEME. Written first in Latin by and Unknown Author, but explained in Italian by John Baptista Lambye, Venetian. Lately translated into English by R. N. E. Gentleman. London 1623. [Preamble, 8 Chapters] R.A.M.S. 1982. 48 pages. (SECRETSPIRIT: .doc, .pdf, .jpg) E
Table of Contents.
The Preamble to the Exposition of the Secret Spirit. p. 12.
Chapter 1. Wherein it is proved that there is only one thing, out of which the Secret Spirit, or the Philosophers Stone, may be taken. p. 14.
Chapter 2. In which shall be seen, (by means of many Sentences of divers Philosophers) if it can be judged, what thing is this only Thing. p. 16.
Chapter 3. Wherein is proved, that of necessity it behoveth to reduce the body to the first matter, that it may be disposed for the Separation of the Elements. p. 21.
Chapter 4. Where it shall be seen if it be possible, to know what Thing is THIS FIRST MATTER.
Chapter 5. In which is Handled the Separation of the Four Elements, which the Apparitions of that Secret Spirit do Signifie. p. 30.
Chapter 6. In which shall be declared the Fifth Apparition of the Secret Spirit in a Glorified Body. p. 34.
Chapter 7. Wherein is shewed the Manner to make the Elixir, or Medicine to conserve the Life of Man. p. 37.
Chapter 8. Where are to be handled the divers Workers in this Science. p. 41.

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