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"A Spagyrical Pharmocopoea", or "Dispensatory". Being an exact discription by what means, profitable, efficacious, and penetrating Medicines may be made, and prepared out of Vegetables, Animals, and Minerals; after an unwonted and easie method. First through Seventh Parts with First through Third Appendix Parts of Seventh Part. Complete Works of Glauber, trans. by Chris. Packe. R.A.M.S. 1983. 440 pages. (SPAGPHARM: .doc, .pdf, .jpg)
Table of Contents:
Part I. To the well minded reader. p.1
What Vegetables are, or What is meant by the name of Vegetables? p.4
The Preparation of the Essences of Vegetables. p.9
Process for Spices, & etc. p.19
The Second Part.
Concerning the Preparation of Animals, Vegetables, and Minerals, by an Universal Dissolvent.
What Animals are, and What is understood or meant by them. p.36
Of the Signature, Property, and medicinal Virtue of the Bull-like and Horned Scarababus or Bettle. p.39
Of the Pilular or Globular Scarababus. p.41
The preparation and changing of all venemous Animals and Worms, & etc.
into safe and efficacious Medicaments. p.49
A Universal Menstruum by the help of which all Vegetables, Animals, and Minerals, are
dissolved, corrected, and reduced into a most pure and most safe Medicament. p.51
The Process of turning Salt-peter into a fiery Liquor. p.53
The use thereof in the preparation of such Medicaments as are made of Animals, and also Vegetables. p.54
The Preparation of Animals and Vegetables by the fiery Liquor of Niter,
their Dissolution, Correction, and Transmutation into wholesome Medicines. p.55
The process and Preparation is as follows. p.62
The Use, Power, and Virtues, of the Medicaments out of Vegetables, Animals, and Minerals;
The Composition whereof we taught above. p.70
Of the common use of this Medicine. p.82
A Diuretick and Nephritick, extracted by the help of a certain proper Vegetable Spirit, and endued with excellent Virtues. p.100
A Cordial and Comfortative to be used in great and continual Diseases. p.110
Another Metallick Medicament prepared by the help of Nitre, out of a Vein of Lead containing Silver,
and most profitable in all the Sicknesses or Distempers of the Brain. p.114
A Uterine approved Medicament. p.117
The Third Part.
Wherein is taught, how by Salt and Fire, the Vegetables, Animals and Minerals may by a Spagyrical way and method be Mundified, and how from them, Medicamenst wonderfully penetrating and most speedily operating may be prepared. p.130
The Fourth Part.
Treating of the four principal Pillars of Medicine, vis. Sulphur, Vitriol, Antimony, and Mercury, but chiefly of the great
harmony between the Superior Elementary Sun and Moon, and the Inferior and Terrestrial Gold and Silver, and the magnetick way of attracting the Virtues of Sol and Lune by the Air, of rendering them palpable and visible. p.155
Chapter I. Of the Harmony and Agreeableness between the Superior Elementary,
and Inferior Earthly Sun, with Wine and Man. p.158
Chapter II. Of Gold, and the Comparison betwixt it when living, and when dead. p.161
Chapter III. Of the Preparation of Gold, and its Dissolution into most tender Atoms apt for
vivification and profitable application to medicinal use. p.161
Chapter IV. By what means this more pur Calx of Gold is to be farther opened,
whereby it may be inverted, made volatile, and rendered like to a Vegetable. p.162
Chapter V. Query, Whether or no these most subtil Atoms of Gold are capable of performing anything in Medicine,
and of displaying their hidden Virtues like Vegetables, without any other unlocking of them. p.163
Chapter VI. Query, Whether or no the Stomach may not be so helped as that it may be able to dissolve and consume Gold as well as Iron and Copper. p.163
Chapter VII. By hwat means Gold may be brought to such a pass as that (being inwardly made use of in Medicine) it may display its virtues and be stirred up to operation by a guider (or leading Card as 'twere) added thereunto. p.165
Chapter VIII. A better way of making Gold and Silver living and efficacious. p.166
Chapter IX. The manner of preparing a good Medicament out of Silver and Antimony. p.169
Chapter X. The preparation of the Vitriol of Gold and its use in Medicine. p.171
A story of a Child that had worms. p.179
Chapter XI. Of Mercury and its excellent Virtues, both medicinal and Chymical, I mean not the common and well known Mercury, but the mercury of the Philosophers, the which is extracted by the Vulgar and well known Gold and Silver, (but they are to be first rendered Magnetical) out of the Beams of the Superior Sun and Moon, by the help and assistance of the Air. p.180
Chapter XII. Sheweth how great harmony, familiarity, and love, there is in Wine, with Mankind and Gold. p.187
Chapter XIII. By what means such a Spirit of Wine as doth associate it self to the Gold may be prepared. p.189
The Fifth Part.
Discoursing of the true Universal Medicine, and of those most Eminent Arcana's, as well Universal as Particular, which are hitherto unknown unto the World; by the help of which unheard-of and almost incredible Operations may be offered, not only in Medicine, but also in Alchemy. Proposed by way of Question and Answer. p.194
Question 1. p.194
Question 2. p.194
Question 3. p.195
Question 4. p. 196
Question 5. p.200
Question 6. p.201
Question 7. p.201
Question 8. p.201
Question 9. p.202
Question 10. p.203
Question 11. p.204
Question 12. p.205
Question 13. p.206
Question 14. p.207
Question 15. p.207
Question 16. p.208
Question 17. p.209
Question 18. p.209
Question 19. p.210
Question 20. p.210
Question 21. p.213
Question 22. p.216
Of the Lyon, or of the Blood of the Lyon, or Gold, how it is to be prepared,
and to be most profitably used as well in Medicine as in other Arts. p.219
An easie way of making and preparing the Atoms of Gold. p.221
The way of making a Golden Aqua Vitae, and such as never as yet
hath been described and published unto as by any Physician. p.222
The Spices and Flowers which are to be extracted by the aforemsaid Alcolizated Spirit of Wine, and to be used in the Aqua Vitae. p.224
The Use of the Universal Medicament described in my Second Dialogue. p.224
The Preparation thereof is as follows. p.231
The Sixth Part.
Or a Light lately risen, and a strong Key for opening Philosophick Verity, treating of the most secret Fire of Philosophers, viz. p.239
Reader,. p.239
Chapter I. Describing that artificial Philosophick Distillatory Furnace. p.240
Chapter II. The way of preparing another Medicine of Sulphur only. p.244
Chapter III. Another secret Fire of Philosophers,. p.245
Chapter IV. Where first is exhibited an efficacious Medicine from this Vegetable Fire it self. p.245
Chapter V. How by the benefit of this secret Vegetable Fire, the Microcosmick Mercury may be corrected, freed from its nouseous stink, and converted into a sweet Medicine. p.246
Chapter VI. Recipe of common Sulphur, tartar and Niter. p.247
Chapter VII. How the Tincture or Soul of Antimony may be purified by the benefit of this Vegetable Fire. p.247
Chapter VIII. How by help of the Vegetable Fire, Mineral Fires may be extinguished, and the corrosive fiery disposition of them converted into sweetness. p.248
Chapter IX. Another way, by help of other Fires, to cleanse
and sweeten Vegetable, Animal and Mineral Subjects. p.249
Chapter X. Of the Nature and Property of that Fire, which lies hid in Tartar, or the Stony Faeces of Wne. p.254
Chapter XI. Proceeding now to Metallick fixed Salts, Mercurial volatile and most subtil Spirits, let us see what they are able to effect in Medicines: And first, let us speak of Antimony, as the Radical Juice of all Metals. p.257
Chapter XII. That this way also may be prepared from Auripigment and Arsenick a Mercurial Oil,
and a fixed Tincture. p.259
Chapter XIII. Of the subtil and most penetrating Medicinal Spirits of Metals. p.260
The way of preparing the volatile Spirits of Metals. p.260
The Water is prepared in this manner. p.261
Chapter XIV. Of the Preparation of the volatile and subtil Spirits of other Metals, and of their Use. p.265
Chapter XV. How by the Benefit of a Magnet from the Air may be extracted an Universal Medicine. p.266
The First Magnet. p.267
Another Magnet. p.268
Chapter XVI. Proceed in your Work thus. p.269
Chapter XVII. How from Gold its Tincture may be extracted by help of a Magnet. p.270
Chapter XVIII. How from Gold its Tincture may be extracted y another Method,
of by the benefit of a certain other Chalybs. p.271
Chapter XIX. Yet another way of extracting the Tincture from Gold. p.272
Chapter XX. How by the benefit of a certain Metallick Salt, from Venus her son Cupid, or rather the true Mercury of Philosophers, may be prepared in the space of One Day, so, as to sustain the Trial of a Cupel; and indeed, it is neither Sol nor Lune, but a Tincture most ample for certain white Subjects. p.274
Chapter XXI. How by the benefit if the Common Lute of Sapience, Sulphur, Antimony, Arsenick, Auripigment, and the Sulphur of Vegetables, may in a short time be fixed into fixed Medicaments. p.276
Chapter XXII. How to prepare a famous Universal Medicine of Gold. p.278
Chapter XXIII. How a Medicinal Water may be Distilled from Jupiter and Mercury,
by the benefit of Fulmination, or a sudden Flaming Fire. p.278
Chapter XXIV. The way of extracting an Universal Medicine from common and well known Lead. p.280
Chapter XXV. How Gold may be rendered Volatile, so as to be sublimed into a salutary Medicine. p.282
Chapter XXVI. The Way of preparing yet another famous Medicine Universal of Gold. p.282
The way of extracting a yellow Tincture from white Nitre. p.283
Now follows the Process. p.284
Chapter XXVII. What is to be judged of the Tincture of Corals. p.286
The Feathers or Wings are thus found and acquired. p.287
Chapter XXVIII. How a medicine may be prepared of Sol and Luna together. p.289
Chapter XXIX. Yet one other Specimen of Probation by the help of Eagles Feathers. p.292
Chapter XXX. Yet one Royal Medicine of Vulgar Gold. p.293
On Admonition. p.294
The Seventh Part.
IN which is farther treated, how of Man's urine may be prepared the Secret Sal Armoniack of Philosophers, and what incredible Works may be performed by the benefit of it, both in Medicine and in Alchymy: With an Instruction annexed how an Universal Medicine and true Tincture for Humane and Metallick Bodies mau be acquired; and that no way more easie, more expeditious and less chargeable, than by the help of good Spirit of Wine, or instead of that a burning Spirit extracted from Corn, or other Vegetables. p.299
The Preface to the Reader. p.299
Of the Secret Sal Armoniack. p.309
The way of making our Secret Sal Armoniack. p.311
The use of our Salmiack, by the help of which, from Vegetables may be extracted very efficacious, and indeed incomparable Essences. p.311
Way of preparing a subtile Mercurial Water out of all Metals by the benefit of our secret sal Armoniack. p.322
The Process. p.325
A Corollary. p.336
The First Appendix to the Seventh Part.
In which is contained, how many, yet greater, Secrets may be prepared by the Alcahest, or Secret Armoniack, than those which are mentioned in the Seventh Part of the Spagyrical Pharmacopea, viz. how Vulgar Mercury may be firmly fixed, and rendred totally constant in Fire, within the space of three Days. Also an Explanation,how by the benefit of it may easily be acquired the Mercury of Wine, as the highest Medicine of the World. Likewise, that the Secret Fire of the Wise, otherwise called the Fire of Artephius is the supreme Secret of Secrets: Together with a revelation of other admirable Secrets, of which the Authour hitherto hath made no mention to any Man. p.339
To the Well-meaning Reader. p.339
Of the more ample Use of our Salmiack. p.342
Canon the Fifth, touching the Nature and Properties of Saturn. p.352
A Further Use of our Salmiack. p.354
Yet further, Touching the most fruitful Use of our Alcahest, bringing great Gain in Metallick Labours. p.359
A Recapitulation, or More ample Declaration of the precedent Secrets revealed. p.364
The Second Appendix to the Seventh Part.
Wherein is treated of the further use of our secret Sal Armoniack, for the meliorating of the meaner Metals, and more particularly of the profitable extracting or separating Sol and Lune from Jupiter. With a subjoyned information how by means of the Mercurial Water of Jupiter, Tinctures may be extracted in quantity not only from Sol, but also from Mars and Venus, and all precious, as well as common Stones, and that (as it were) in a moment, without Fire or any considerable charge. p.370
Kind Reader,. p.370
Of the further profitable use of our secret Sal Armoniack for the Melioration of Metals. p.372
Of the nature and property of Lead. p.374
Of the Nature and Property of Jupiter, what he wants, and what he hath too much of, and how his noxious Superfluities may be removed, so as on the Cupel he may yield his hidden Gold and Silver. p.379
A Process for to separate Gold and Silver with great profit from Tin. p.386
A Corollary, or Supplement to the foregoing Appendix. p.392
The Third Appendix to the Seventh Part.
Wherein is Treated of the Further Use of our Wonder-working Alcahest or most secret Sal Armoniack. And more particularly, of the way to Extract the Tincture of Gold, Iron and Copper; as well as of all precious and common Stones; and to introduce the sdaid Tincture again into other white Metals and Stones, so as permanently to colour and meliorate the same. p.405
Courteous Reader,. p.405
A Process. p.416
A Process. To prepare the highest Medicine, or Universal Tincture for Humane and metallick Bodies, by means of our fiery Alchahest. p.420
To fix the Common, Combustible, yellow sulphur in three days time into a red and fix tinging Stone. p.423
A process. To extract a red Tincture out of all White Flints, and bring it over the Helm by means of our Fire Spirit, and afterwards to fix the same. p428

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