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"Philosophia Maturata Of the Stone of the Philosophers" St. Dunstan."Philosophia Maturata Of the Stone of the Philosophers" St. Dunstan.
An Exact Piece of Philosophy Containing:
the Practick and Operative Part, Thereof in Gaining the Philosophers’ Stone,
With the Ways and How to Make the Mineral Stone, and the Calcination of Metals.
Published by: Lancelot Colson, Driston. Phys. And Chym. London, Printed for G. Sawbridge,
And are to be sold at his house, Upon Clerken-well-Green, 1668.
R.A.M.S., 1985.
14 pages.
(STDUNSTAN: .doc, .pdf)+

Table of Contents:
An Exact Piece of Philosophy. Touching the Stone of the Philosophers. p.2
Of the Practick and Operative Part. p.6
An Abbreviation of the Work
Wherein almost all Elixirs are contained, and the ways to make them.
The First Abbreviation. p.8
The Second Abbreviation. p.9
The Third Abbreviation. p.10
The Fourth Abbreviation. p.10
The Fifth Abbreviation. p.11
Of the Mineral Stone. p.11
The Calcination of Metals. p.13
The Recapitulation. p.14

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